24 Hour Lipcolor….. Really?

While sitting in my doctor’s office this week, I decided to pick up a reception room copy of a fashion magazine to look through. This was a new doctor for me and, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to see a current array of periodicals that were less than a year old. The magazine I grabbed was called People Style Watch and this was the first time I had ever seen it. Since it is obvious I am a major fashion fanatic, I figured it would be right up my alley, and oh man, it was!
It did’t take too many page flips for me to notice an advertisement for Maybelline‘s new long-wearing lipcolor, “Super Stay 24â„¢ Color”. It was the latest in a long line of lip colors that have claimed to last over 6 hours, 8 hours, even 12 hours, but 24 hours? The only makeup item that I’ve ever used that has lasted that long was when I crazy-glued colored rhinestones on my cheek for Halloween. Even to this day, I’ll admit, it was’t a wise decision.

I flipped through more pages in the magazine, checking out all of the who’s-who in the celebrity limelight, but no matter how many pages I turned, I kept going back to the ad for the new Maybelline Super Stay 24â„¢. I was intrigued, curious and deep down, I was hopeful. Could someone have really come up with a lip color that could stay on for 24 hours? Would it be resistant to cracking, caking and fading like it stated? Would the constant touch-ups of my lipstick be a thing of the past? “Do’t fall for it”, I reminded myself. “We have been there, done that before, with repetitive disappointments.” Still, I kept reading over the ad thinking for the sake of coffee-drinking, snack-nibbling, social talkers everywhere, this could be a long-time dream come true.

On my way home from the doctor, I had to stop to pick up a new medicine at my local drugstore. While there, I decided to hunt down that new lip color of Maybellin’s and give it a try. Sitting right on the display of new items, there it was. I first noticed the wide variety of colors that it came in. There were several shades of the two-step/one tube lip color; pinks, plums, reds, browns and neutrals. (Although the drugstore did’t have every shade, Maybelline.com states there are 30 available.) I decided to pick up “Unlimited Raisin””” a slightly plumy brown with a light sparkle to it. When I got it home, I decided to give it a try right away. I primed my lips by exfoliating them with a little brown sugar and olive oil, then tapped on a sheer layer of foundation after drying them completely. I, then, applied the glide-on color formula that went on smooth and rich. After letting it dry for two minutes, I topped it with the ultra-conditioning balm. Llike sands through the hourglass, we patiently watched and waited.

I noticed immediately that the color was even and rich. My lips did’t feel that dry, even without the conditioning balm, but when I added that, my lips were super smooth and silky. They stayed that way for a long, long time, too! No matter what beverage I drank, my lip color stayed put. Even after wearing the Super Stay lip color for six hours, I only had to reapply the conditioning balm once! Before I went to bed, the color was still on! I wore it again today, applying it before leaving the house early this morning. After having it on about 6 hours, I noticed my lips were getting just a little dry. I gave myself a quick check with my pocket mirror and noticed my lips were still looking fab and rich with color! Because I did’t have the conditioning balm with me, I topped my Super Stay color with one of my regular lipglosses I kept in my purse. It worked just fine and even though the base color was still going strong, the new lipgloss I added gave it a fresh look! Impressive. Highly, highly impressive.
As I write this, I have had my Maybelline Super Stay 24â„¢ Color on for well over 12 hours. Although the color is’t as bright and bold as it was when I first put it on, the fact remains that it is still there and it is still noticeable. That is a lot of staying power! I don’t know if I would personally promote it as a 24 hour color for my lips, but I will say that a tester swatch I swiped on my hand yesterday lasted 24 hours and then some. I am looking forward to picking up many more shades of this durable, long-wearing lipcolor. Congrats to Maybelline for a great new product and congrats to my lips for finding a product that makes them look great all day long!
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  1. This is a great review! Thanks so much for the info. I feel like long-wear lipsticks and glosses are getting better, but it can still be hit or miss. I’ll definitely look for this one! 🙂

    • I still don’t think I’d call it a “24 Hour” color, but it does have the best stay power of the ones I’ve tried. I agree, it can be hit or miss. I like the fact that both parts of the two-part system is in one tube–color on one end with a GREAT applicator and the balm connected to the other end. If you try it, please let me know what you think!!

  2. SmashingBeauty - Reply

    Well based on this post I would buy the products. I have a thing for good lipsticks that last long. I usually avoid they super stay ones since they dry my lips out like crazy even if I use the lip balm. But after a good review its worth getting one and testing it out myself 😀 thanks

  3. Thank you for being our guinea pig- I’ve been wondering about this particular product and have been tempted several times to get it. How did you get it off?

    • I found the best way to get it off was with Eye Makeup Remover. I, unfortunately, have a habit of nibbling on my lips, so the color sometimes doesn’t last till removal time. It did yesterday!
      I also purchased two other colors yesterday as well, since I had coupons:
      On and On Orchid which is very plum-ish and Always Heather which is a high frost raspberry/plum color. I took a photo of all of the ones I have, and will post it for you to see.

    • I would get it off with a cold cream makeup remover or nivea eye makeup remover and int he end wash my face to be sure that I took everything off

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