3 Best “Powdery” Perfumes.

Powdery scents, scents that have a little bit of a baby powder kick, are timeless and classic feminine scents. Most people associate these with the over 30 age group, but you’d be surprised that some of them are friendly for the perfume hoarder who is much younger. These are a great way to add a sensuous touch without adding an overwhelming amount of musk, or a very strong floral into the mix. If you want a grown up, ultra feminine scent, these are my top 3 picks for touchably soft smelling powdery perfumes.


 3 Best Powdery Perfumes.

Very Irresistible – 1.7 oz/50 mL, $69



 3 Best Powdery Perfumes. This one takes on an unexpected twist. With most of the notes being varying types of rose, the powderiness it’s laced with comes with quite a surprise. It smells a lot like an old fashioned rose garden, until it dries down. The scent becomes a little bit foggy, misty almost. The powder sweeps over the rose and what you’re left with is something you’d expect a 20′s starlet or flapper girl to smell like. It evokes nostalgia of vintage lingerie from decades of vixens past, while still remaining modern and current. This is a take on an antiquated favorite that worked out in an unbelievable way. The eau de toilette is the easy favorite, as the eau de parfum lends an element of musk that likely won’t please everyone, as musk can be an acquired taste. If you also enjoy musk, the eau de parfum will become an instant favorite for you. 





 3 Best Powdery Perfumes.

Cashmere Mist – 1.7 oz/50 mL, $82


 3 Best Powdery Perfumes.



Light flowers mixed with some suede notes and sandalwood combine to create something that smells exactly like liquid powder. This one gets a bad reputation for being an “old lady” scent, but a quick sniff from a fragrance card easily proves this wrong. This has been around for a long time, and there’s a good reason for it – it really is one of the softest, gentlest, sexiest scents around. This smells like a freshly laundered starlet, and a woman in her 20′s would love it just as much as a woman in her 40′s. It transcends age because it’s classy, classic, and simple.





 3 Best Powdery Perfumes.

Alien – 1 oz/30 mL, $80



 3 Best Powdery Perfumes. This one is such a traditional powder scent, that one of the notes itself is cashmere. Floral notes and green accord modernize this, making it a popular sent among the younger crowd. This is a stronger powder with a more delicate back than most, making it trendier than most similar fragrances. It has a tiny bit of spice to keep from smelling too sweet, and is balanced with a tiny bit of vanilla to keep it from pulling too strong to one side or the other. These bottles are also refillable, so you can take them to any place where fragrances are sold and the person on staff will use what’s called “The Source” to refill your bottle at a discounted price. You’ll never have to buy a whole new bottle when you run out. 




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By Airi Magdalene
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