3 Brilliant Shades of Gold

Whether you play it down, or pack it on the whole lid, here are three maximum gold eyeshadows that you should never be without.

 3 Brilliant Shades of Gold


Glamour Doll Eyes Trophy Wife

You’ll never find anything else quite like Trophy Wife. Trophy Wife is an intense, rich, molten gold color. In the jar, it looks like a liquified piece of expensive jewelry. This is a fairly neutral gold with a somewhat antiqued green cast. It’s extremely metallic, but unlike most gold eyeshadows, you won’t find any noticeable or distinctive glitter particles in this one. When applied dry, it looks velvety and rich, but when applied wet, like most loose eyeshadows, it’s super saturated. If this one’s too much for you, try using it as an eyeliner for just a touch of vivid smoldering sex appeal.


 3 Brilliant Shades of Gold


Sugarpill Goldilux 

Goldilux is a very bright, true gold eyeshadow. It’s probably the exact color that comes to mind when you hear the word gold. It doesn’t have any specific undertones or lean in any real direction. It’s simply as gold as it gets. In addition to being metallic in finish, this eyeshadow also contains tons of fine glitter. When used dry, you’ll get some of the glitter, but when used wet, you’ll really get the most of it. Because this is a glittery loose eyeshadow, you do have to be careful about fallout, but Goldilux makes it more than worth it.





 3 Brilliant Shades of Gold



Make Up For Ever #10 

#10 is a wearable, but intense yellow-based gold eyeshadow. This one packs more of a conventional frosty finish, if that’s more your style. The pigmentation is great, but not too overwhelming for those of you who like to keep a little bit of subtlety in your eye look. It does contain microglitter, which reflects an opulent pearl shade. It doesn’t throw off the balance of the gold,  it just adds a little something that makes it stand out above the rest of the conventional gold eyeshadows on the market.






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