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Swap Rules  

MakeupTalk, Inc. or AR WebSolutions, Inc. does NOT take any responsibility for injury, loss or any problems that may arise due to the swapping process.
By using MUT's swap center, you agree to the below rules herein
  • Delivery Confirmation is recommended but not mandatory (only $.60 extra in the US)
  • Insurance is recommended for packages worth over $20
  • New swappers send first until they reach a rating of 25. If both swappers have a trader rating of under 25 then usually the person with the lower rating number will ship first but that can be decided between the swappers in question.
  • Swap discussions are to be kept on the swap forum here only.
  • Messages regarding swapping on any of the other boards will be deleted with out warning.
  • No posting of personal information (i.e. full name, address, etc)
  • No defaming or obscene comments.
  • Make sure that you RATE your Swap Partner once the swap is complete
  • We'd also recommend checking out THIS site before agreeing on swaps to make sure the person you're swapping with is not a problem swapper or swaplifter
  • Need more info about swapping? Check out THIS thread in the How Do I Forum.
  • MakeupTalk does not allow known swaplifters from OTHER SELLING OR SWAPPING sites to sell or swap on MakeupTalk.

  • When you receive a SWAP request, it's always courteous to reply ASAP even if it's a quick "No Thanks".
  • Keep all correspondences together in one email. This will keep important details straight for both of you.
  • Once addresses are exchanged, the swap is considered finalized so work out all details before you exchange addresses.
  • Once a swap is finalized, it is YOUR responsibility to get your products out in a timely manner (usually within a few days of finalizing unless otherwise specified and/or agreed upon)
  • If you are swapping a used item, Please take a minute to clean it (Isopropyl Alcohol is recommended) No one wants to get a lipstick with hair or fuzz on it...ewwwwwww.
  • Always package items with care. That includes wrapping the item in bubble wrap or tissue to protect it.
  • If you're shipping a liquid or lotion or anything that could leak or spill, make sure lid is tight, secure with tape and put it in a separate plastic baggie (i.e.Ziploc) Better safe then sorry
  • Please use either a bubble mailer or box depending on size of item(s). Nothing is more annoying the getting a item that was broken in delivery because someone didn't take the time to package it properly.
  • Recycling bubble mailers (boxes) is common practice It saves the environment and $$$.
  • For our international members: If swapping with someone who resides outside the US it is necessary to fill out a Customs slip. On the customs slip, please mark the item as a Gift (not merchandise) and make sure you value it under $10 US or the other party will have to pay a Duty when it arrives. Also, please send International items Airmail which is not that expensive) or it will take many weeks, even months for it to arrive.
MakeupTalk's Swap is for registered members/users of it's online message board/website only.  If you would like to participate in product swapping on MakeupTalk.com, then you MUST register. As a member you absolutely must SWAP beauty products at your own risk.  We here at MakeupTalk.com cannot possibly monitor all the activity and swapping going on, so YOU as the member are taking full and complete responsibility for your actions throughout the swapping process.  MakeupTalk.com does not take responsibility for the posting's accuracy or descriptions as this is usually an opinion of one and NOT MakeupTalk.com's.  MakeupTalk.com will not be held accountable for misleading information nor be made to compensate users/swappers in any way.  By using MakeupTalk.com's Swap center, you agree to abide by all the rules/regulations of all above terms

Trader Feedback Rules & Guidelines

  • By participating on this site, you agree to allow other users' to leave trader feedback for you, whether it is negative, positive, or neutral.
  • Do not leave fraudulent feedback for another member.  By participating on this site, you agree to leave only truthful feedback.  This includes leaving false negative ratings for a competitor or leaving false ratings for friends.  It is prohibited to exchange feedback for the sole purpose of increasing feedback scores or enhancing reputation.
  • No individual is allowed to provide feedback on themselves.  This includes creating multiple accounts with the intent of boosting your own rating.
  • Feedback should only be left based on a completed transaction in which payment and/or trade has been successfully received.  Feedback should not be left for any inquiries or exchanges where no goods or funds have passed between members.
  • Do not leave offensive feedback or feedback with inappropriate content in it.
  • No individual should use the trader feedback system as a threat.  It is prohibited to use the feedback system as an attempt to get something that wasn't part of the original listing.  Honest feedback should be given to those who deserve it, whether it is negative, positive, or neutral. 
  • Sellers cannot demand feedback from buyers.  It is prohibited to include terms or conditions in a listing that require or restrict the buyer's right to leave feedback.
  • Retaliatory feedback is not permitted.
  • Ratings and comments are generally a permanent part of a member's feedback history.  However, we reserve the right to remove feedback.



Have Fun & Happy Swapping!!!


MakeupTalk Moderator Team

MakeupTalk.com › Articles › Swap Rules