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Trend alert: Subscription services

200x300px-LM-6913c41e_MH900430532.jpegHave you ever gone into a grocery store just to try the free samples being handed out? I love samples! You can get free samples at Sephora or at the local mall, or you could pay for samples through a subscription service. I think samples are the best way to try a product without spending any money or spending very little money only to find out it won’t work for you. The latest trends in beauty and even in fashion are subscription services.


On the shoe fashion side of subscription services there are companies like Shoe Dazzle, Just Fabulous and Sole Society. There are other companies but the one that seems to have started it all was Shoe Dazzle which launched in March 2009 by Kim Karadashian, Brian S. Lee, Robert Shapiro and MJ Eng. Other shoe subscriptions services followed over the years and like Shoe Dazzle your style of shoes is based upon a short style quiz. Unlike beauty subscription services most, if not all the shoe subscription services, you can skip a month if you don’t like the selections chosen for you.


On the beauty side the most popular subscription services are Birchbox a monthly service which launched in September 2010, and Test Tube by New Beauty Magazine which is a quarterly service that launched in 2006. Both companies work on the same premise – you get a variety of samples ranging from one-time-use to full size products all for one price. There are so many other subscriptions services now available including MyGlam, Beauty Army, The Look Bag by InStyle Magazine, Beauty Bar Sample Society with Allure Magazine and Julep Maven (which is strictly mani/pedi products).  There are even grooming subscription services for men like His Black Box, My Platinum Box and there are even rumors of Birchbox launching Birchbox Man as a subscription service to cater to men.


Each subscription service has their own perks to being a member. Some offer members points which they can accumulate to redeem for free full size products or even discounts on full size products. Some send out almost nothing but full size items. Most have major advantages to being a member and even disadvantages, no two subscription services are the same and it may even take a person a few months to decide which subscription service is best for him or herself.


For more details on the various subscription services along with costs visit our groups.


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MakeupTalk.com › Articles › Trend alert: Subscription services