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Beauty Emergency: The Hair Edition

It happens to us all – maybe you thought you could cut your own hair, or maybe that pink hair dye seemed like a really good idea at the store. (Personally, a few months ago, I thought I’d let my Mom trim my hair for me. Oops.) After a major hair emergency, you may just want to hide for months in your home instead of releasing the monstrosity that is your hair-do.


Never fear! Even the biggest hair boo-boo CAN be fixed.


Oops! I tried to cut my own hair!

Just one little cut here and there, you think, staring at your split ends. Hundreds of snips later, you’re staring at your very own hair emergency! First things first: put down the scissors. Seriously. The more you try and fix your new hair cut, the worse it’s going to get. Make a hair saloon appointment as soon as possible for professional help. They’ll fix you up in no time.

To hold you over until your appointment, work on concealing your chopped do. If your hair is long enough, embrace the ponytail. Or, if it’s too short, consider finally experimenting with hats and clips. Need more ideas of how to handle a bad hair cut? Check out some member recommendations!


Oh no! I dyed my hair and now it’s a terrible color!

There’s nothing like trying to dye your hair a beautiful brown color and ending up with a bronze-y orange! Take deep breathes. If you did your hair job at home, go to a professional for some touching up. There are even hair color correction specialists who are trained for such emergencies.

Some suggest that you can try to fade the color with hot water, though it’s important to remember that faded hair color may not be much better. Whatever you do, do NOT try to re-dye your hair without professional help. This can leave to damaged, coarse hair. In this situation, all you can do is wait for a saloon appointment and know better for next time. (Try following these tips to minimize any hair-dye disasters!)


Yikes! My hair is dry, dull, or damaged.

It’s the price of beauty: too many hair products or heat tools can reek serious havoc on our hair. You could spend your money on expensive products to rehydrate and cure – or you could use everyday items you probably have in your fridge. Is your hair dull and flat? Rinse your hair in beer – rumor has it that protein in the alcoholic beverage repair cuticles for a shiny look. Rubbing baking soda on your scalp is a great way to remove product build up.

Don’t forget to turn to the Hair Care forum for lots of great user advice. If you need help for overly dyed or bleached hair, for example, see what members suggest here!


What major hair emergencies have you had? How did you fix them? Share your tips and tricks in the comments, and don’t forget: these disasters won’t last for ever!

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