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We’ve all been hopping onto that subscription service bandwagon this last year, haven’t we?  Well here’s our latest craze, BeautyFix!  We’ve gotten together with and created a coupon code for the next season to make it easier for YOU, our beautiful MakeupTalk readers, to indulge in this delight!

What is BeautyFix? BeautyFix is a seasonal beauty subscription program. For $49.99 per quarter, you can have a kit of mostly full sized beauty products sent to your door.  With brands ranging from Murad, Colorescience, Dermalogica, SkinCeuticals, and Jane Iredale, to some lesser known brands that are just as exciting to sample and test out, you’ll be sure to have a variety of products to choose from.


There are a few things that makes BeautyFix so different from the other programs.  First of all, you get to choose your own kit.  You personally decide exactly what you want in your kit, and you have the power to avoid products you wouldn’t want.  Even if every single product doesn’t work for you, at least you will be excited to try everything out the first time!  Never worry about getting a dud mystery box again!  (Side note – Do you like the surprise of a mystery box, and my previous statement just saddened you? Not to fear! Once you are a member, you’ll get a reminder each season to pick new items. If you haven’t picked your kit by the cut-off date, BeautyFix will automatically send you a mystery box of 8 items based on your beauty profile. A complete surprise!)

Secondly, most selections are full-sized products, although a handful are deluxe travel sized. I know some of you gals were upset by the sizes of some “deluxe samples” at other subscriptions.  BeautyFix lists how large each product is before you order it, so you know exactly how much to expect.  I’ve seen something of a 16oz  tub of bath salts on here ladies.  That’s not something that’ll fit in a one time use foil packet!  And if you end up falling in love with something, you’ll have enough of it left to actually incorporate it into your routine immediately.

Now, onto the exciting part!

MakeupTalk and BeautyFix have joined forces to bring YOU ladies closer to beauty, fun, and excitement!  Just for the Spring 2012 season, we’re offering a code for our MakeupTalk members and readers.  Use the promotional code BFMKUP when you get your kit set up to get $20 off your kit.  That’s a full kit for just $29.99!  Now, I KNOW you ladies can find something to pick worth at least $29.99!  This is too good to pass up! This code works for anyone and everyone, even if you are ALREADY a BeautyFix member!  (Code will only be valid from March 15, 2012 – May 15, 2012.)

Still need convincing? For you ladies who have yet to order your first kits, you can use the code BFBLOG to get $30 off your first box!  (This code is only valid for a first time order.)  That’s an entire kit for under $20.  Really, what can you lose?

Please note, BFMKUP will only be valid starting March 15 for the Spring Box.  I wanted to post this early just in case any of you wanted to also take advantage of the BFBLOG code (valid for first time orders only) to make a Winter order now AND make your Spring order using BFMKUP after Thursday.  You’re pretty much getting a buy one get one free kit deal with these two codes, ladies!

One last tip in choosing your products. Do a bit of research into your choices to make sure you’re getting your $50 worth.  Some girls have kits worth $300 while others only had kits worth $100, but it depends on what you are interested in, too.  Serums might have the higher ticket price, but you might be more interested in that $15 nail polish instead.  Make the kit worth it to you!
Q&A with BeautyFix:
Regarding the DermStore gift cards members receive, are members able to save up their gift cards so they can eventually make a big purchase using mostly their saved up gift cards?

Members receive the gift cards for providing feedback on items in their kits. The gift cards should not expire, so you could use them how you wanted to.

How often are products repeated across seasons?

We get 8-12 new products every season, once products have sold out, then they are not repeated in another season.  Just depends on inventory/popularity of product. (This means if you fell in love with something last season, you might be able to get another one the next season if it is still in stock!)

How long has BeautyFix been around?

Spring will be our 14th season, and we have 1 per quarter, so it’s been 3.5 years!

How was the idea for this type of service thought up?

We wanted to provide customers with an inexpensive way to experience and try great new products and brands. All the products have been approved by our esteemed BeautyFix panel, so the customers can be sure that whatever they select for their bag is a quality product recommended by celebrity dermatologist, makeup artist, estheticians, etc.

Do you have any suggestions for women who might be willing to pay $10-15 for a monthly subscription that might feel intimidated by a $50 box for trying out BeautyFix?

There are two major difference between BeautyFix and less expensive monthly programs. The first being that BeautyFix is actually a quarterly program, so the cost difference over the course of a year is rather minimal.  (It comes to around $16.66/month, which doesn’t seem that expensive compared to the $15/month subs! – Annelle) Especially considering the amount and size of the products received. Most monthly programs offer packets and foil samplers, whereas BeautyFix is comprised of full size or deluxe travel size items. We believe that it is really hard to truly test out a skin care item with the miniscule amount of product in a packet. We provide full size items so that our customer can truly test out a product.

I can’t agree with this more. How are you supposed to tell that a product is going to do wonders to your skin if you can only test it out once or twice?  With a full size, you can use a little, use a lot, use it for a month straight, stop using it, then pick it up again later, and not only do you still have product remaining, but it’s also been safely stored in a durable, original product container, instead of a temporary sample container.

Do you have any particular products like this that you feel are strong products that people would be interested in hearing about?  Or any brands or products that you think that every woman should definitely try out if they’re looking to fill out their kits and not sure what to get? New products are always added, so favorites are always changing.

Thank you SO MUCH to BeautyFix for answering a ton of my answers and providing MakeupTalk with FREAKING AWESOME code for the Spring Kit!  The new kit will be released on March 15, 2012.  Those of you who are already members should be receiving an e-mail reminder to order your boxes.  Just remember to use the code BFMKUP for your $20 off!

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