Best Wet n’ Wild Products… In My Opinion

Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics is an extremely affordable drugstore brand. Most, if not all, of their products are priced under $10. Due to their reasonable pricing, I have had the pleasure of trying quite a few of their products and have been able to gather which ones are my favorite and which ones I highly recommend. If you’d care to know what those products are, then keep reading!
Wet n’ Wild offers many products; foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish, etc. I first discovered Wet n’ Wild last year (surprisingly) when I saw their stand at my local CVS Pharmacy. I saw 99¢ lipsticks and $2.99 eyeshadow trio’s and was instantly curious. 99¢ lipsticks? These were worth a try!

My first Wet n’ Wild purchase, if memory serves, was their Silk Finish Lipsticks. Fabulous! They’re formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe, so they moisturize as you wear them. Silk Finish Lipsticks are highly pigmented and long-wearing and come in a nice variety of shades. Did I mention they’re only 99¢?

After having experienced the joy of Silk Finish Lipsticks, I decided to try their Color Icon Eyeshadows. I purchased one of their trio’s and one of their singles. WOW! Words cannot describe how impressed I was when I first tried them! All of Wet n’ Wild’s eyeshadows are intensely pigmented and long-wearing. Their frost finishes are their specialty – gorgeous shades with fantastic wearability. Wet n’ Wild’s matte and glitter finishes can be hit or miss, but all of their eyeshadows are worth the buy! The singles go for just 99¢, the trio’s are $2.99, the 6-color palettes are $4.99 and their 8-color palettes are $5.99. Also, many of Wet n’ Wild’s eyeshadow shades are dupes for MAC shades. Have you seen the “Club” dupe found in their 8-color “Comfort Zone” palette? If not, check it out!

Since I had such success with the Silk Finish Lipsticks and eyeshadows, I’ve been back time and time again to try other products from Wet n’ Wild. Here are my other recommendations with brief descriptions:

  • Color Icon Blush – Wet n’ Wild only offers four shades of their fantastic blush, but each one is worth a try! They’re priced around $3.99, pack a punch of color and are long-wearing. Just a tap of your brush to Color Icon Blush will be all you need!
  • MegaGlo Illuminating Powder – Catwalk Pink is my favorite. Four shades in one – you can use just one, or sweep your brush across all four for a unique shade. The finish is a natural sheen that really does provide the perfect “glow”. MegaGlo Illuminating Powder is available in four varieties and retails for around $3.99.
  • Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner – This eyeliner will beat any high-end cream liner out of the water! Even the brush that’s included is fantastic! The pigmentation of Mega Eyes Cream Eyeliner is superb, it’s long-wearing and super creamy. Use a pencil, dip into the product and apply to your waterline. The rich color will last all day, as it’s waterproof, yet remove easily with remover at the end of the day. The angled brush included allows for precise application. Available in two shades and priced under $5.00.
  • Mega Slicks Lip Gloss – Like the smell of cake batter? Like non-tacky, yet long-wearing and pigmented lip gloss? Then you’ll love Wet n’ Wild’s Mega Slicks Lip Gloss! They’re formulated with Vitamins A & E to moisturize and condition as you wear them. I won’t lie, sometimes the packaging can get a bit messy, but at just $1.99, I’m willing to let it slide. Available in 14 shades.

There you have it! The above are products I have tried, loved and continue to use. Wet n’ Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadows are my favorite eyeshadows and I reach for them constantly! I’ve recently hit pan on my MegaGlo Illuminating Powder. Not only are a lot of Wet n’ Wild’s products fantastic quality, all of their products are cruelty-free!

You can find Wet n’ Wild at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and various other super stores (K-Mart, Walmart) and grocers. Sign up for their newsletter – you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with new product information, tips/tricks and money-saving coupons!
Are you a fan of Wet n’ Wild? If so, what are some of your favorite products? Share your thoughts in the comments!
Please note: Prices will vary depending on the store and your location.

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  1. SmashingBeauty - Reply

    I am a huge fan of wet n wild products but sadly they aren’t available everywhere in the world. I think that for the price you pay you get sooo much more than one would expect. My favorite products are the 8 eyeshadow palettes. They truely are worth every penny

    • It’s unfortunate they’re not available everywhere. 🙁 I agree – you definitely do get a lot more for the price. The 8-pan palettes are fantastic! 😀

  2. Wet n’ Wild has come a long way, when I was a teen I would never have bought any of there makeup, but now I love it!! I started to see people talking about it on youtube and was like I need to check it out. You can really not beat the price.I have two of the 8 pan and 4 or 5 of the trios.All are great. I also have a few of the lipsticks and was very happy with how they feel and wear. I really want to try their eyebrow kit and the glow powder.

  3. 666 lipliner For The Win. It’s a great shade on everyone and it’s a pretty close dupe for Chanel’s Naturale (and it’s about $27 cheaper!). I like to call it The Lipliner of the Devil 😉

  4. i SWEAR by Wet N Wild Eyeshadows. Because of the amount of pigment, I ALWAYS use Wet N Wild eyeshadows for my smokey eye (the outer V). I mix eyeshadow brands…but you better believe the constant in my application-is Wet N Wild!

  5. I have been using WNW for a long time. I like your Mega eyes eye shadow. However, I can not find the Egyptian sands one or the mojave. Did you discontinue them? If you did, too bad. I really liked them and will find it difficult to find the same combination of shades.

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