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   1.  Birchbox Open for Holiday
   2.  Subscription & Sampling Box Discussions
   3.  Urban Decay Naked On the Run
   4.  NYX Wicked Lippies
   5.  GlossyBox December Spoilers
   6.  Holiday Sets 2014
   7.  Memebox Subscriptions
   8.  Sephora: codes, deals, sales, and discussion
   9.  Enablers…who wants to share their shopping deals!
   10.  Pop Sugar Must Have December Spoilers
   11.  BirchBox December 2014 Spoilers
   12. Subscriptions
   13.  Subscription Box Swaps Talk
   14.  IPSY Glam Bag October 2014 Spoilers
   15.  Join Ipsy Discussion Group!
   16.  BIRCHBOX Discussion Group
   17.  Join GlossyBox Discussion Group!
   18.  Decade in Makeup: The 40’s & 50’s.
   19.  Decade in Makeup: The 30’s.
   20.  Decade in Makeup: The 20’s.
   21.  Eyeshadow Bases At The Drugstore
   22.  3 Best “Clean Fruity” Scents.
   23.  3 Best “Powdery” Perfumes.
   24.  5 Best “Clean and Fresh” Perfumes.
   25.  Coordinating Your Makeup With Your Accessories
   26.  Christmas Shopping For Your Female Spouse
   27.  Christmas Party Manicures
   28.  3 Best Holiday Sets for Him
   29.  Best Holiday Sets for Lips
   30.  Best Holiday Sets for Eyes
   31.  Best Holiday Sets For Nails
   32.  3 Brilliant Shades of Gold
   33.  Are Vitamins Helpful In Reducing Wrinkles On Face?
   34.  3 Simple Things That Make All The Difference.
   35.  Common Contouring Mistakes and How To Fix Them
   36.  Code of Conduct: Applying Makeup To A Client
   37.  Code of Conduct: Sitting For A Makeup Artist
   38.  Body Modifications and Beauty
   39.  Blush and the Fair Skinned Lady
   40.  3 Misleading Packaging Labels You Need to Know
   41.  3 Common Sense Things You Never Think About When Makeup Shopping
   42.  4 Birthday Freebies to Redeem On Your Birthday
   43.  3 Absurd Beauty Myths You May Still Believe
   44.  4 Back To School Fashion Trends 2013
   45.  All About Brown Lipstick
   46.  Eyebrow Hair Removal: Threading vs Waxing
   47.  All About Makeup Primer
   48.  Beginners Guide to Using Tanning Wipes
   49.  4 Ways Makeup Companies Deliberately Lie To You
   50.  3 Tips to Decoding Perfume Boxes
   51.  3 Back to School Makeup Trends 2013
   52.  3 Liner Shapes You Should Try
   53.  Fall 2013 Trend Alert: Orange Toned Shadows
   54.  3 Potential Fall Nail Trends from Fashion Week
   55.  2 Potential Fall Nail Trends Straight from Fashion Week
   56.  Battle of the Blush : Ultimate Guide To Blush Formulas.
   57.  Eyeliner: Cream VS Gel VS Liquid
   58.  3 Alternative Uses for Lip Balm
   59.  4 Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out
   60.  3 Ways You’re Contaminating Your Makeup (And How To Stop)
   61.  3 Awesome Beauty Items to Bring to College
   62.  5 New Nail Art Trends
   63.  3 Most Underrated MAC Products
   64.  All About Eyelash Curlers
   65.  90’s Makeup Nostalgia!
   66.  3 Things to Know Before Dying Your Hair
   67.  3 Products We Don’t Skip (And Might Be Able To)
   68.  3 Products We Tend To Skip (And Definitely Shouldn’t)
   69.  3 Things You Think Are Good Buys (That May Not Be)
   70.  7 Wise Tips for Building An Awesome Makeup Kit
   71.  Better Quality Drugstore Dupes for High End Products
   72.  Argan Oil: Good for Food and Beauty Treatment
   73.  Chemistry of Argan Oil
   74.  3 Ways to Get a New Spring Look for Under
   75.  Cream vs. Powered Eyeshadows
   76.  Argan Oil for Hairs- An Incredible Natural Gift
   77.  All About Hair Oil
   78.  4 Nail Polish Collections for Summer 2013
   79.  4 Scents for Spring 2013
   80.  Buying Guide: 4 Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes to Try
   81.  All About Makeup Remover
   82.  3 Simple Steps to Promote Your Beauty Blog
   83.  4 Fashion Trends for Spring 2013
   84.  All About Exfoliation
   85.  4 Nail Trends for Spring 2013
   86.  Debunking the Myth: Hair Removal Edition
   87.  5 Nail Trends for Spring 2013
   88.  Cover Up: Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation?
   89.  4 Hair Trends for Spring 2013
   90.  Can Breast Actives Be The Alternative to Breast Augmentation?
   91.  Debunking the Myth: Hair Edition
   92.  Debunking the Myth: Makeup Edition
   93.  cosmetic organizer brush snap
   94.  Debunking the Myth: Nails Edition
   95.  Debunking the Myth: Skin-Care Edition
   96.  4 Valentine’s Day Gifts that Please and Pamper
   97.  10 Beauty Tips for Winter
   98.  4 Ways to Avoid Subscription Scams
   99.  A Rookie’s Guide To IMATS
   100.  Applying Foundation: Fingers or Brushes?
   101.  Golden Globes 2013 Coverage: Red Carpet Winners and Losers
   102.   Acne Skin Care Treatment
   103.  3 Tips from a Middle Schooler (That Actually Work!)
   104.  Arabic Eye Makeup
   105.  2012 Fall-Winter Makeup Trends
   106.  Are tattoo’s really attractive on girls?
   107.  Beauty Freebies for Your Birthday
   108.  5 Reasons to Be a Fan of the Fan Brush
   109.  4 Beauty New Years Resolutions for 2013
   110.  Dual diagnosis
   111.  3 Ways to Rock White Eyeliner
   112.  Shopping for a Beauty Queen: The Dos and Don’ts
   113.  Highlights from the MakeupTalk Holiday Buying Guide
   114.  Dr. Robert Jones Toronto Hair Transplant , 7600 grafts, 8 months, Strip
   115.  My 4 Favorite Pinterest Tutorials
   116.  Do You Want Jennifer Aniston’s Hair?
   117.  Get the Look: Dianna Agron
   118.  Find Your Perfect Moisturizer
   119.  Potential Trend? Kate Middleton Gets Bangs
   120.  Make Your Own Make-up
   121.  The Black Friday Field Survival Guide
   122.  Black Friday Deals and Steals
   123.  Nail Trends: Chevron
   124.  Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment 0 5 Oz
   125.  Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment 2 Oz
   126.  Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment 4 Oz
   127.  Cute Ways to Do Your Hair
   128.  The Finishing Touches: Setting Sprays and Powders
   129.  All About Lip Stains
   131.  Get the Look: Michelle Obama
   132.  MakeupTalk Now Offers Video Tutorials
   133.  Time to Toss It: Makeup’s Shelf Life
   134.  The Truth About Going Shampoo-less
   135.  do you think its normal for me to babysit my art teachers 2 kids?
   136.  About Us
   137.  Do you want Jennife rAniston’s hair
   138.  Three Last Minute Halloween Costumes
   139.  Tips for a No-Buy Month
   140.  The Art of Contouring
   141.  “Firmer and Better” Make Breast Look Better
   142.  “Skinned to Perfection” How to Perfect Skin
   143.  Get the Look: Pippa Middleton
   144.  5 Beauty Destinations in the Big Apple
   145.  What to Pack In Your Carry-On
   146.  Different Ways For Hair Removal!
   147.  Beauty on the Go
   148.  Beauty Treatments You Can Find in Your Pantry
   149.  How to Use Highlighter
   150.  The Perfect Color for Your Eye
   151.  Healthy Habits for the Changing Seasons
   152.  Beauty Emergency: The Hair Edition
   153.  Falsies for Fall!
   154.  Stamped on my Heart: Nail Art
   155.  Fashion Tips: Prints and Patterns
   156.  All About Curls!
   157.  Get the Look: Taylor Swift
   158.  Q&A: High Heels
   159.  Bh Cosmetics Eye Crayon Shadow
   160.  Find Your Perfect Beauty Subscription
   161.  Serious Subject: Domestic Violence
   162.  Fight Chapped Skin!
   163.  Good Skincare Habits Part 2
   164.  Read The Labels! Toxins in Your Makeup
   165.  Quiz: Find Your Fragrance Personality!
   166.  Halloween Costume Predictions
   167.  2012 Emmys Coverage: Red Carpet Trends (and How to Rock Them!)
   168.  Emmys Report: The Best and the Not So Good
   169.  Fall Accessories: The Embellished Collar
   170.  Countdown to the 2012 Emmys: Favorite Celeb Looks
   171.  First Commandment: Love Thy Self
   172.  Spa Night on a Weeknight!
   173.  Good Skincare Habits
   174.  Disney’s Forary Into the Beauty World
   175.  Skin Deep: Controversies of Tattoos
   176.  More than just Makeup ““ The BH Cosmetics Blog
   177.  The Importance of Underwear
   178.  It CAN Be Done: Your One Minute Makeup Routine
   179.  Don’t Stress About It!
   180.  VMA Coverage: Red Carpet Trends (and How to Rock Them!)
   181.  Fashion Rules! Dress Codes
   182.  VMA Coverage: Red Carpet Winners and Losers
   183.  Fashion Night Out @ the Beverly Center
   184.  Shades of the Season: Fall 2012 Polish Guide
   185.  To ink or not to ink? The Scoop on Permanent Makeup
   186.  Fleeting Beauty: Temporary Makeup
   187.  Not Just Miley! Stars Who Changed Their Look in 2012
   188.  Fashion Rules! White After Labor Day
   189.  The Evolution of Textured Nail Polish
   190.  Find Your Makeup Brush Cleaner Match
   191.  Emilie M Contest with e.l.f. Cosmetics
   192.  anti-aging-serum-next-generation
   193.  Every Girl Needs a Little BLACK BAG
   194.  BH Cosmetics Back to School Contest
   195.  5 Ways To Be A Beauty Expert For Yourself
   196.  Cosmprof 2012: Post press release
   197.  “Tropical Cocktail” Nails
   198.  Get Carried Away with LBB For Summer
   199.  Can Men Wear Mineral Makeup?
   200.  NYX Face Awards and Exlusive Interview with Founder Toni Ko

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