Brighten Up For Spring!

I’ve had enough of the cold weather and thick sweaters. I am ready for the long overdue season of spring! Bright colors will be shining big in the next few months! They have been spotted all over the runway, and I am slowly seeing them pop up in stores. These crazy colors instantly lift my mood, and they are super fun to wear! There are lots of options when it comes to ways to how to choose to rock the boldness. You can simply wear it on your nails or go all out with brightly colored clothing and lips. Whichever way you choose will work wonderfully, and you will be so hot for the springtime! Here are some of my favorite neon bright favorites!


I have really been loving Zoya nail polishes lately! There are so many gorgeous colors and finishes to choose from and the quality is fantastic! By the way, if you haven’t already read, Zoya has a promotional going on where you get two nail polishes of your choice for FREE! All you have to do is pay for the shipping! Use the code ZOYA2012 to get this awesome deal! Anyways.. Green is a big polish color right now, but come Spring you will need to crank it up a bit and get the lime/neon green flowing! Zoya’s Tangy is perfect for this, and the fun color will give you great happy vibes.




Accessories are a great way to slide a bold trend into an outfit without having it scream out at every person you pass. This ASOS Neon Pink Double Strap Watch is so so cute and will add that perfect neon punch! Double strap watches are really popular right now, and this sporty chic vibe will go great with almost anything! Plus, there is no better way to feel ultra girly than by wearing hot pink!




Brightly colored eye liners are another form of this trend that popped up on the runway back in September. I love the look of matte barely there shadow paired with extra bright thick liner! Make Up For Ever’s Aquarelle in #11 Violet would work flawlessly to achieve this wild-side look. This product is described as a “A highly pigmented, water-based formula for the face and body”. It doesn’t budge a bit once you put it on with your brush of choice. It also leaves you with the perfectly bright color that you want, unlike some other liners that appear dull and dry on the skin.





Neon tee’s and jeans are a really simple but really stylish outfit. This Forever21 Button Raglan Siv Top in Neon Yellow is casual and comfortable, but right on top of the vivid Spring trend. The model’s hair is hiding it, but there are buttons along the seams going from your collarbone to your armpits. They give the top just a touch of detail, but leave the in-your-face color to do the talking. I will definitely be wearing tons of shirts like this one come March.. or maybe even at the end of February. All these crazy colors are leaving me feeling a little risky!






Almost Bare faces with bright lips is a combo that will probably never go out of style. It’s not an easy look to master, nor is it for those who are afraid of standing out in a crowd. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized before you dive into a attention grabbing shade like MAC’s Party Parrot. A color similar to this loud red-pink would be an excellent option when trying out strikingly colored lips. I have never seen a person who hasn’t looked good in a shade like this. It’s practically universal as long as you wear it right and leave your lips to do the talking!






What is your opinion on the bright colors that will be gracing the streets come Spring? I love the crazy colors and they always bring a sort of excitement to me, no matter what kind of previous mood I was in. How will your wear your brights this year?!




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