Catherine Arley Holographic Polishes

After yesterday’s post, you are probably hungry for some holographic polishes, and if you are not, what is wrong with you?! If you are craving holos, Catherine Arley polishes are a great option. Catherine Arley is a Turkish brand, and I will take you through some of the shades available and how to purchase them:


These are all swatched with no base or top coat, completely dry.

667, 671, 673

667: grey, strong holo, 3 coats for opacity

671: lilac, strong holo, 3 coats for opactiy

673: purple, medium holo, 2 coats for opacity


673, 674, 675

674: blue, strong holo, 3 coats for opacity

675: warm pink, medium holo, 2 coats for opacity


676, 677, 800

676: silver, strong holo, 3 coats for opacity

677: berry, medium holo, 2 coats for opacity (almost a one-coater)

800: red, weak holo, 2 coats for opacity


802, 803, 805

802: peach, medium holo, 2 coats for opacity

803: green, weak holo, 2 coats for opacity

805: charcoal, weak holo, 1 coat for opacity


There formula of these is actually very good. I did not have any trouble with the application of any of them. They are on the thick side, but not in a bad way. It gives you a bit more control while applying because it does not run at all. They also wear like iron. I wore 805 for almost a week with no chipping, and I did not even notice any tip wear. Awesome!


How to purchase
If you are in the US, it may be confusing to figure out how to order these beauties from Beauty Cosmetic.

First, plan your order. Look up swatches, and take a look at Beauty Cosmetic’s Facebook page (wall photos) for a nail swatch plate with all of the available shades. There are 21 total.

Next, fill this contact form out with your email address, order, and request for a Paypal invoice. Customer service is great, and you will have a response in less than 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can fill out an order, add the additional shades you would like (since not all are available in the drop-down menu), and check out. It will give you the option for a delivery service or cash on delivery. Select cash on delivery, and you will be contacted by customer service informing you that you cannot use that option (lol). Just ask for a Paypal invoice, and you will be good to go. I am not sure why people suggest doing it this way, but there you go.

Shipping to the US is 14EUR, which works out to about 20USD. Sounds like a lot, but the polishes are only 1.06EUR, so it balances out. If you were to purchase the full collection of 21 bottles, your total would be slightly more than 50USD. Not bad at all!

I received my polishes about a month after my order, so have patience! They send it via registered mail, so you will be able to track it if not only to check that it has indeed been shipped and has left the originating country.

I have heard some horror stories about poor packaging and broken bottles, but my polishes arrived safe and soun, perfectly packaged. You can request that they use a lot of bubble wrap, just to be safe.

Have you heard of Catherine Arley? Planning an order?? Discuss here in the comments or on MakeupTalk’s Nail Talk forum.

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  1. SmashingBeauty - Reply

    I love Holographic Polishes all the colors above are amazing… but the shipping is a killer. I can just get other Holographic Polishes locally. 🙁

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