Don’t Stress About It!

To some, September is just another month, but to a lot of people, September marks that it is officially back to school season, which can be stressful for students and parents.  This can be very stressful because you go from having free days of summer to having full days of school, and then parents have to worry about their children at school, tuition, and their adjustment. Personally, I went from an uneventful summer to going to classes, having a part time job, an internship, and writing for all you lovely ladies!  However, stress happens to everybody. Stress is apart of our daily lives. Depending on how you deal with the stressors, can result on a a negative or positive experience. Luckily, I decided to take a stress management class this semester, and I want to share with you what I learned so maybe you can understand stress better to try to avoid it.


How would you define stress? For me, stress is the effect of any outside event that takes a strain on your mental and physical capabilities. One main point about stress is that stress can be good or bad depending on how we perceive it. For some people, a ten page paper might be accepted as a challenge and met with only minimal stress. For others, a ten page paper might be daunting. The first instinct is to avoid the stress by avoiding the task at hand. If you feel that something is going to stress you out, take a positive look on it and do not make it more than what it is.





Positive stress like dating, weddings, and college are called eustress. These situations may be stressful, but they are meant to make us happy. Distress is negative kinds of stress like divorce, death, and being fired. Most of the time, this type of stress does not have a positive outcome. It is good to know what type of stress you encounter, so you can find appropriate ways to de-stress yourself.  For eustress types of stress it is easier to de-stress than distress. You should take time out for yourself to prioritize you stress and tackle it in parts like a to-do list. When you finish something off the to-do list, reward yourself with something you enjoy.This can greatly reduce stress and make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.  Distress may be harder to overcome. You have to really work on your perception of the stressor, maintaining or adopting a balanced lifestyle, and find outlets to express your emotions.  Getting massages, doing yoga or meditation, or exercising are a good was to de-stress.


I hope this helps in the upcoming weeks! If you want more articles on stress and me to go into more detail, please let me know, and I will be happy to write about what I learn. Until next time!

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