Emilie M Contest with e.l.f. Cosmetics

Now her’s a contest you can really get carried away with. Emilie M  launched a contest with e.l.f. Cosmetics and they’re giving away some of their most fabulicious items to a few lucky grand prize winners. Intrigued? As you should be.

From August 20th to September 6th a daily grand prize winner will be announced, and that lucky someone gets a new Emilie M handbag ($70 value), an e.l.f. cosmetic palette ($30 value), an e.l.f. $20 gift card, and an Emilie M $20 gift card. If that was’t enough reason to sign up, they’re also giving out runner-up prizes – 25 each day, to be exact. Yes, 350 total people will have to deal with second place, a consolation prize consisting of a $5 e.l.f. gift card and a $20 Emilie M gift card. I’ll be the first to say, I do’t feel sorry for any of those runner-ups.

What exactly is Emilie M, you might ask? Emilie M is a new online brand of luxurious handbags and accessories that wo’t break your bank. With timeless silhouettes, functionality, and animal-friendly prints, these bags can go from office smart to Hamptons chic before you can say Barney’s. Just head to the Emilie M Facebook page and like, like, like! Make sure you also get your pin on and find Emilie M on Pinterest. Good luck ladies, and happy handbags!

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  1. That contest is going to be pretty cool! Thanks for sharing this nice opportunity, I think I’m going to participate! The grand prize seems to be amazing, I wish I could have some luck….

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