Emmys Report: The Best and the Not So Good


The internet and fashion world was abuzz from all the news from the Emmys. For those of you that do not know, the Emmys is an award show for television productions. The Emmys is the equivalent to the Grammys and Academy Awards. However, do we care about who wins? Of course not! We care about what these actors wear, although, I was rooting for “The Big Bang Theory” to win every award they were nominated for. Anyhow, let us continue on with the show! The best and the not so good actors dressed at the Emmys.


For me, Julianne Hough should have won an award just for being in this dress. With the fishtail dress with the petal-like train, the dress reminds me of a beautiful mermaid. Then she simplified her dress by not adding any jewelry, which might have been too much for the dress.








This dress Archie Panjabi is wearing is very underwhelming. All I can say is that it is pretty, and I feel like pretty is not enough at the Emmys. I feel like this is more prom wear than anything.












This is another beauty worn by Sarah Hyland. This dove grey dress has a floral lined bodice, with its sheet over-layer, it has the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity. Love how the dress compliments her figure. In my next not-so-good, you will discover its importance.









 This dress was just a total disaster. Not sure what Julianna Marguiles was trying to accomplish when she decided to wear this art piece, but it looks like it should be hung on a wall rather than on her body. Maybe I’m being too critical, but with her bra tan lines,  how boxy the dress is, and her lack of continuity, it just looks  like she did not put any thought into her outfit for the Emmys.
















Sofia Vergara rocked the house with her beautiful teal, sparkling dress. What is there not to love!? Sofia’s hair was amazing, her choice of accessories was outstanding, and her dress…what can I say about this dress? The mini cutout in the front, the way the dress hugs her curves, and a beautiful way her dress sparkles in intricate designs is nothing short of glamorous.







Last but not least, I put dear Siri Pinter in the not-so-good category. Not the worst, but in no way the best. All I can say about this dress is that it does the job if she was just trying to make appearances. This dress really does not look like a gown, and I think that’s why I ca’t love it.     It looks like a summer dress that one would wear at a dinner party, not to the Emmys.

These were all my opinions, so please do not get upset if you don’t agree with me. Instead, why don’t you leave a comment and share what you think about the choices I picked. Or better yet, tell what you loved about the Emmys and what you didn’t. If you want to share your opinion with other MuT members, check out the Hot or Not thread. Love to hear your responses, until next time!

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