Essie Loves The Poppy-Razzi!!

As you all probably know, Essie is my absolute favorite nail polish brand out there as far as colors go! They have SO many shades and variations of colors, and they always know what’s trendy. Essie’s Summer collection is one of the first collections that I have really loved in a long time. The theme is Poppy-Razzi, and everything is bold and bright! The main line on the display/ad (above) says, “I travel incognito, but always bring poppy-razzi!” Then it says, “Wherever you go, take poppy-razzi. My newest, non-stop neons are so on-trend, your nails will look fabulous in a flash!” I love it! Brights and neon colors are my favorite trend of the moment, and nails are no exception! There are four new colors in this collection and two products that Essie is re-promoting. Take a look below for more in-depth color rundowns!


The four main lovelies are (from left to right) Action, Bazooka, Camera, and Lights! The other two items that you see on the display ad are Blanc, a creamy snow white, and Super Duper Top Coat. From what I have read, the whole idea is to paint one coat of Blanc followed by whichever neon you choose. White as a base will really amplify the bright pigments and bring them out to their fullest wattage! Neon polish generally dries matte, so I’m pretty sure these will too. That is what the top coat is for! This particular top coat is fast drying, high-shine formula, so you’re nails will be nothing short of perfect!


Action is probably the one that I am most excited to see in person! It is described as a vivid wild tangerine, and my mouth waters just looking at it! No current polishes come to mind when I see Action, so I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty unique! This would look amazing with a tan!! Pale skin… well, not so much.


Bazooka is an amazing mind-blowing blazing red orange! This general shade has been so so popular, especially considering Tangerine Tango was named Pantone’s color of the year. You’ll see this rich fire-y orange everywhere this summer, so you might as well learn to love it!


Camera appears very similar to Bazooka in the picture of just the polishes, but in the display photo the two look dramatically different. I’ll definitely have to check these out in person! Camera has a coral appearance to it, and is described as a neon red pink. I foresee myself  wearing this one on my toes all summer long!!


Last, but by no means least, is Lights! This is an incredible incandescent super bright pink! At first glance it looked a lot like last summer’s Super Bossa Nova, but I now am believing it to be so much more. I tend to lean more towards red shades, but I think Lights just might change my ways!


I am now SO excited for these to be in stores!! That will be May 1st, I do believe…I don’t know if I can wait that long. Yikes! These are the epitome of summer nails, and I will be purchasing all four! I can’t even see myself needing any other polishes these are so perfect! What are your opinions on the Essie Summer 2012 Poppy-Razzi collection?! Is is a hit or miss in your book?




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  1. We have just recently started getting Essie to stores here in Vasa (Finland) where I live and I was soo happy when I saw them 🙂 I almost screamed out in joy… since I was in a store I just let out a squeel 😉 haha
    I hope that this collection will reach our stores too cause I really want to get my hands on Action, Bazooka and Camera 🙂

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