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I am thinking of "getting my colors done" by Color Me Beautiful

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#1 LadyDragonFire


Posted 11 May 2011 - 10:22 PM

I just found out today that I actually have Color Me Beautiful consultants not too far away from where I live! :D  I don't have a car and I don't drive so getting to anyone who does color draping has been an issue for me. I really, really, really want to have it done though!

  I just found out that a mall that is not too far from where I live now has CMB consultants who will do color draping! :D Yay!

  I have already had three virtual diagnoses done online, one by Lora Alexander who believes I am a Deep Autumn, and is also convinced that I suit very dark and strong Winter-ish colors. The jury is still out on that one as far as I am concerned.

  I also got an opinion from a representative of an Australian image company online for free, and she believed that I am Light, Warm and "Dusky." Some of those colors seemed light years better than what Lora recommended, but some also seemed like they were perhaps too cool or too desaturated, and the recommended hair colors seemed too light.

  Recently, I had a wonderful virtual analysis done by Lynda Tarantino of www.thatsyourcolor.com and she believes that I am Warm Autumn, which I think is probably the most correct of the three. In any case, everyone seems to agree that I'm warm. It just seems that people disagree over whether I'm a neutral blend leaning toward warm (Deep Autumn or Soft Autumn) or whether I am absolutely warm. There also seems to be disagreement over what level of contrast I actually suit.

  I am really hoping that visiting a CMB consultant IRL and having real life draping done should put this issue to rest. I was just wondering though: has anyone here been draped by a Color Me Beautiful consultant in real life, and what did you think of the outcome? Were you satisfied with the season they assigned you and with your colors?

  I'm pretty certain I'm a Warm Autumn as Lynda Tarantino said so I don't think my draping session should be difficult. I think I would just like to hear a CMB consultant confirm it. :)


#2 LadyDragonFire


Posted 12 May 2011 - 11:28 PM

Okay, well, I feel a little embarrassed that I got all excited and posted this.

I took the bus out to the mall today and saw the CMB consultant. It turned out that she was in a very tiny kiosk that wasn't actually set up for doing color draping at all. Plus, she didn't have color drapes. And, when I told her I was there for color draping to confirm my season she sort of almost laughed and said: "oh, you want color analysis! I haven't even been trained to do that! When Color Me Beautiful first started out in the 1980's they started that way! But now we pretty much just sell makeup!"

  I felt so embarrassed and so dumb. You know that scene in the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure when he visits the Alamo in Texas, and he asks the tour guide: "excuse me...when do we get to see the basement?" I totally felt like it was one of those moments. I am so clueless.

  The thing is though, I contacted CMB online and asked where I could find a consultant close to me who could do color draping. And someone from the company actually called me and told me to see this lady. When I was on the phone I said, "oh! Does she do color draping?" And the lady on the phone told me yes! So, either she misunderstood the question (what the heck else does "color draping" mean??), wasn't fully paying attention to me or she blatantly lied. I will need to contact them and ask them about this again for clarification.

   However, on a more positive note: I was color matched with their powder (and mineral) foundation and brush on eyebrow powder. I now know that I suit CMB powder foundation in Whisper Beige. :) (BTW, does anyone know if that is a warm or neutral foundation color?)  I have to say I actually am impressed with their products even if I don't like their customer service that much. The foundation is super-soft, very natural looking and has really good coverage. It really helped with the shine on my face too. I recommend it. :)  The brush on eyebrow powder also looks pretty natural. My parents and brothers didn't even notice I was wearing it! At the same time though, it really helped define my eyebrows.

  (And yes,I guess I should make up my mind about whether or not I like this company instead of sitting on the fence. lol )

#3 Dragonfly


Posted 13 May 2011 - 05:48 PM

It's too bad that your profile doesn't contain a photo - we would have given you free advice as to what colour your are.

#4 DreamWarrior


Posted 13 May 2011 - 05:57 PM

Don't be embarrassed.  Chalk it up to an experience.  It wasnt all your fault anyway. LOL!   You DID call them!

#5 LadyDragonFire


Posted 13 May 2011 - 10:57 PM

Originally Posted by Dragonfly View Post

It's too bad that your profile doesn't contain a photo - we would have given you free advice as to what colour your are.

Well, it's possible that I may post a profile photo on here at some point. I am pretty certain that I agree that I have the complexion of an Autumn though. Some of my absolute best "power colors" are warm yellow greens (generally somewhat muted though) and actually, a lot of greens in general. They make my complexion "glow", and make my skin look better even without foundation on. Oranges, peaches and warm golden or orangey yellows also seem to bring out lots of healthy color in my face, whereas colors like fuchsia, burgundy and wine colors,cool berry tones and blue-based pinks definitely don't. Those colors can actually make me look pale, tired or even unwell. Some true reds seem to overpower me. The reds that are nice on me are the deep warm reds of the Autumn palette, and the pinks that are nice on me are warm salmons, corals and peachy-pinks. Dark browns and warm grays are generally more flattering on me than black. Black is kind of severe on me. I even like navy blue more than black although one color consultant advised me against wearing any kind of blue. Most blues make me look really pale, and sometimes even ill. Blue is a really bad background color for in photographs. I generally look crappy if I have to be photographed against blue. I also can't wear pure stark white because it can make me look really tired and pale, and often the color stands out more than my face. Truthfully, Autumn is the only season that makes sense for me. (As far as I know anyway.)

  I think I just wanted the experience of having the color draping done because I've only had virtual PCAs. I will see if I can post a picture of myself here, but I have to tell you that no one assumes I'm an Autumn just from looking at me. A lot of makeup artists just automatically recommend pinkish and purple-ish lip colors and blushes for me. On that subject, most bronzers look ten thousand times more natural on me than most blush colors. Unfortunately I never knew what that meant for years though. I now know that's a common Autumn characteristic.


#6 LadyDragonFire


Posted 13 May 2011 - 11:01 PM

no picture anymore.

#7 Dragonfly


Posted 16 May 2011 - 07:22 PM

The pumpkin colour looks nice on you.


I think I'm the same strong autumn colour as you.

However, I love tourquoise, strong teal blue, dark indigo blue and dark rich navy. 


I much prefer grey and rich brown to black. And I never wear a winter white - always a creamy white instead.


I agree with bronzer rather than blush. They give a nice colour without being too orangy.



#8 Darla


Posted 17 May 2011 - 08:12 PM

your picture looks great

not so big on the couch..



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