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Clarisonic with other products?

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#1 Lando Griff

Lando Griff

Posted 23 April 2012 - 06:52 AM

I have a clarisonic mia that I started using about a week ago. I recently wanted to try a home remedy that I found in a magazine that utilizes coconut oil and castor oil. Given that these are both oils; I was wondering if their was a conflict with using a Clarisonic, and then using an oil based system on your face? My fear is that the oil will undo the progress of the clarisonic system. 


Have you heard about coconut/castor oil? Does it really work?


When I mix them both together its very oily. Then later on it hardens onto a kinda paste. Does it have to be in one form to use, or does that not matter?

#2 lindsaykeke


Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:40 AM

I've used castor oil with grapseed oil and also with olive oil (which makes you smell like a salad!).  It does take some time to tweak the ratio for your skin, but many people have success using the oil cleansing method.


I use products in addition to my Clarisonic, but never with the Clarisonic.  Using the Clarisonic has gotten rid of these little bumps on my forehead, but I mainly use it to cleanse my face of makeup and dirt.  That's where it really shines...it gets all that makeup off.  I only use it if I wear makeup or in the morning if I go to sleep with some sort of treatment on my face.  I always use it with a very gentle cleanser.  Then I go ahead and use whatever other products I need.  I would imagine using oil/castor oil would be gentle enough to use with the Mia.


If you google "clarisonic with oil cleansing method" you can see what people are saying about using those two together.

Either way, if you just got your Mia I would recommend you use it for a few weeks before changing up your routine again.

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