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He took my mac virginity!

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#1 empericalbeauty


Posted 23 December 2006 - 02:46 AM

My bf said he had a suprise for me since tomorrow is my birthday but he is going out of town early in the morning. I saw a body massager and I was like..oh boy..i am in for some vibrating fun..then i lift the massager and BOOYAH! i see mac pigments. At this point my eyes are rolling back from the intense mac induced orgasm and I jump into the shower and he gets all pissy cus i went snooping. ANYWAYS! he got over the piss mood and yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, baby..I now own the dress set mac piggie and a clear lipglass. I always thought loosing my mac virginity would hurt due to the hymen and all that but oh boy....dont make it stop.Attachment 28737

#2 Tina Marie

Tina Marie

Posted 23 December 2006 - 02:58 AM

haha! Happy birthday and congrats!!

#3 speerrituall1


Posted 23 December 2006 - 03:15 AM

:reddance: Congrats on the MAC and your Birthday!!!
Live, Love, Laugh!

#4 summerxdreams


Posted 23 December 2006 - 03:26 AM

haha nice one! happy birthday :)

#5 tadzio79


Posted 23 December 2006 - 03:43 AM

awesome!!! happy birthday and enjoy your mac piggies! (oh boy, you will be hooked on MAC in no time! lol)

#6 rlise


Posted 23 December 2006 - 04:04 AM

LMAO, girl your so funny! enjoy the piggies :)

#7 Aquilah


Posted 23 December 2006 - 04:06 AM

LMAO! Grace, you have the best ways of describing makeup! LMAO! Enjoy the MAC girl!
"This is life not heaven, you don't have to be perfect."

#8 bluebird26


Posted 23 December 2006 - 04:08 AM

lol enjoy!

#9 Becka


Posted 23 December 2006 - 04:13 AM

CONGRATS emperical !! so its your first MAC, its all over now ... i wonder if he really knows what he may have started LOL

#10 shootergirlnc


Posted 23 December 2006 - 04:27 AM

Love the way you described the feeling of getting your first mac products!! LMAO! I'm glad you like them!
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I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost

#11 nanceet


Posted 23 December 2006 - 04:43 AM

aww. thats so sweet of him.. well enjOy girl, those are really pretty colors.

#12 han


Posted 23 December 2006 - 05:57 AM

congrats girl i thought you would be a virgin forever... enjoy

#13 Kathy


Posted 23 December 2006 - 06:50 AM

LMAO! it's about time! Enjoy! We'll have to see some FOTD's with your pigments! Better be careful or we're going to have to start posting your hauls in the sex talk forum! lol...

#14 KristieTX


Posted 23 December 2006 - 07:01 AM

LMAO! Enjoy your MAC stuff and Congrats on popping the MAC cherry. ROFL!
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#15 usersassychick0


Posted 23 December 2006 - 07:02 AM

enjoy, congrats!!

#16 WhitneyF


Posted 23 December 2006 - 07:03 AM

Lol! Congrats and Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
It's a Michael Phelps world.. we just live in it.

#17 empericalbeauty


Posted 23 December 2006 - 11:55 AM

that would make my day. maybe if i get a dildo i can post it on the sex forum as a haul.

#18 darkh3av3n


Posted 23 December 2006 - 12:36 PM

congrats!! and happy birthday... once you get hooked you wont know what hit you! :P
I'm Cindy Aren't I such a dork?!? Hehehe
P.S. I love mu and cheesecake

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#19 blonde65


Posted 23 December 2006 - 07:10 PM

Happy Birthday. Another addict is born!

#20 Guenevere


Posted 23 December 2006 - 08:01 PM

Yay! That is awesome!!!!!
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