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BF, GF nicknames? What do you guys call each other

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#1 jdepp_84


Posted 16 March 2007 - 02:43 AM

Well ladies, I was just wondering, I usually hear couples calling themselves baby...is there any other nicknames you use for your boyfriends/husbands? I was just wondering what types of nicknames are there....
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#2 lovelyarsenic


Posted 16 March 2007 - 03:06 AM

Well with my significant other we have goofy names like Ninja (his) and Buttercup (mine), but these are just the ones for myspace and msn messenger (and they both have inside meaning amongst us and our friends). In real life we use the normal ones like babe, sweetie, sugar, sunshine, hon...

#3 Dubsbelle


Posted 16 March 2007 - 03:18 AM

in public me and my bf call eachother "hun". my bf's nickname for me is "squirmmy" and mine for him is "dub" or "snuffy" :)
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#4 XkrissyX


Posted 16 March 2007 - 03:28 AM

hmm well i get alot of nicknames from my bf..you name it all. he calls me sweetheart..my love..baby! honey!..mi amor... sexy...hahha SEXY TITS.inside joke!:nite: I call him sexy...honey...u name it im telling... but i think we both love to ssay "mahal" means love in my language. *sigh* love!:lovelove:
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#5 han


Posted 16 March 2007 - 03:51 AM

i call mine babe, baby, sexy, honey, sweetie depending on my moods and wants..hehe. names he calls me are the same

#6 niksaki


Posted 16 March 2007 - 03:54 AM

umm..i call him babe..he calls me BIATCH! LOL nah not really i call him stevo (his name is stephen) he calls me BIATCH! or niksaki Nic

#7 daer0n


Posted 16 March 2007 - 04:04 AM

I call him "baby" or "mi amor" (in spanish, my love) and he calls me baby as well, but he also calls me "mi amor, mi vida" (in spanish too) he learned it and since he did he started calling me like that lol Or if we are joking around with each other, we call each other "Stu" LOL! short for stu-pid, so that it doesnt sound offensive, since we are playing hahaha XD

#8 natalierb


Posted 16 March 2007 - 04:51 AM

We call each other babe or baby When we're in a lovey dovey mood, we call each other "lovesicle" (like Popsicle) I know, CHEESY!!!! LOL! When I'm mad at him, I call him Jay (his name is Jason)

#9 tadzio79


Posted 16 March 2007 - 04:51 AM

Other than the usual hon & babe that we use daily, I call him pookie bear and he calls me honey bunny, hehe!

#10 SqueeKee


Posted 16 March 2007 - 04:58 AM

Okay aside from the usuals that we use alll the time, like Babe, Baby, Babes, Beebs, Hun and Hunneh, Hunni-bun. . . He calls me: Carebear & Doll Face I call him: Papa :P & Big-Man :P (Hey, he IS a big man! LOL!)

#11 Princess6828


Posted 16 March 2007 - 05:09 AM

I call Nick Stanley or Bear. He just calls me baby.
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#12 sweetnsexy6953


Posted 16 March 2007 - 05:16 AM

We use the usual babe. Thats about it. Short and sweet.

#13 TheOpenRoad


Posted 16 March 2007 - 05:56 AM

We have the usual: "baby" or "darling" and then sometimes I'll add a "-kins" or "-pants" onto his name "Frankiekins" or "Frankiepants" and he will call me "Noo noos" then we have others like "babypoo" or other things regarding poo haha. We're weird but it's cute.
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#14 Jennifer


Posted 16 March 2007 - 06:05 AM

cute thread! we do the usual names, but he always calls me sweet tits, even if he's not trying to be perverted LOL i always call him stinky boy, even though he's not stinky :kopfkratz:

#15 SqueeKee


Posted 16 March 2007 - 06:23 AM

LOL Jenn!! :rotfl:

#16 Savvy_lover


Posted 16 March 2007 - 06:26 AM

he calls me "hun", "baby", "max", "love","princess" i call him "hunny", "baby", "baby angel", "sweetheart", "penis"

#17 dentaldee


Posted 16 March 2007 - 06:29 AM

we don't call each other anything:(.........sometimes just to bug I'll call him master..............baiter!!!
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#18 yourleoqueen


Posted 16 March 2007 - 06:44 AM

He calls me sweetie, love, baby, hun, my queen. I call him (my) darling, sweetheart and sometimes Ace (he's a huge KISS fan). LOL

#19 katana


Posted 16 March 2007 - 06:53 AM

For each other, hun mainly.

#20 Lissaboo


Posted 16 March 2007 - 07:01 AM

We normally go with the usual names..but I've picked up callin him boop, or boobass or goofass I dunno his family calls him strange things so now I just stick with sweet pea or my new one is nemo because the other day he did this beyond adorably dorky "fishy kiss" on my nose when I woke up so I just started calling him nemo. He normally just calls me baby, sexy, hunny bunny,or goober

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