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The Rarest of the Rare Bath & Body Works Scents?

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#1 deadmallsanita


Posted 12 October 2007 - 04:20 AM

Every once in a while I like to search for rare bath & body works produts on eBay, and sometimes I see some old very rare scents that are from the 1990's, such as :
  • Strawberry Nectar
  • Sparkling Green Apple
  • Morning Lily
  • Wheatberry
  • Daffidol Fields
What other rare scents do you have or have seen?

#2 Retro-Violet


Posted 12 October 2007 - 04:32 AM

i dont remember any of those.

i loved the apple martini they had a few years ago.
i wish i got more of them.

#3 Trisha.


Posted 12 October 2007 - 06:56 AM

^I dont remember any of them either.

#4 beezleB


Posted 12 October 2007 - 07:21 AM

I think there was a cookie-scented one? Last time I saw that for sale it was like $90 for the set.

Also, does anybody remember their milk line? I don't remember what it was called, but it was soap and lotion that came in little milk bottles and had a tiny cowbell tied around the top. Nobody else remembers them and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm making things up!

#5 MamaRocks


Posted 12 October 2007 - 07:57 AM

There was a Mocha Vanilla one from about 15 years ago I keep wishing they'd bring back.

#6 deadmallsanita


Posted 20 October 2007 - 05:08 AM

I spotted "Fresh Sliced Melon" this evening. The description called it a regional scent, and it was in the late 1990's/early 2000's raindrop bottle.

#7 macface


Posted 20 October 2007 - 05:11 AM

My all time favorite is Fressia

#8 Nox


Posted 20 October 2007 - 07:44 AM

I loved Creamy Coconut!

#9 mahvalous1


Posted 10 November 2007 - 01:21 AM

I can't find the Sandalwood Rose anymore and it was awesome, especially the bar soap!

#10 MsCuppyCakes


Posted 10 November 2007 - 01:26 AM

I've been looking for Frosted Snowdrop, supposedly a dupe for Thierry Mugler's Angel.
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#11 ms_fash10nista


Posted 10 November 2007 - 10:48 AM

Caribbean Coconut and Watermelon....

#12 Mesalady


Posted 24 April 2009 - 10:16 PM

Carribean Coconut - almost no one even remembers this one, but it was my all-time favorite! Probably back in the early 90's. I wish they'd bring it back! Island Coconut was similar and it's no more too!

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