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Best concealer for dark circles?

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#1 Idaviruma


Posted 01 March 2008 - 03:36 AM

this is such a frustrating problem for me, i have hereditary racoon eyes and nothing gets rid of them, I'm very healthy, eat only high quality food, organic, whole grains, lean meats, legumes, veggies, fruits, etc, sleep 9 hours, they always look the same, and have then sunken in appearance as opposed to just regular bluishness, they look dark because of the shadow cast from the hollowness, its really embarassing because I'm only 22 and having issue with some acne as well. So I really feel like shit when I look in the mirror. I need something simple yet effective, so far I've tried a number of concealers, including benefit boi-ing, bobbi brown creamy concealer, dermablend and some random grocery brands. In order to mostly cover the broken cappilaries I have to apply like 3 layers and after couple hours my eye area starts looking scary and settles into little lines and wrinkles.
Any idea what to do? I'm really at my wits end. thanks

#2 GlossyAbby


Posted 01 March 2008 - 04:10 AM

darnitt I was going to recommend benefit boing but benefit has a new concealer on their website may want to give it a try?

#3 AppleRose


Posted 01 March 2008 - 01:33 PM

Benefit's concealer is pretty good for dark under-eye circles.


#4 CosmeticCouture


Posted 01 March 2008 - 09:48 PM

In what order are you applying your concealer & foundation? You should always start with foundation first and then consealer. PM me, & I can give you some suggestions on application.

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#5 divalastic


Posted 05 March 2008 - 01:41 AM

I use May Kay "Signature" concealer. I have very dark circles and this makes my dark circles disappear!

#6 YourOneAndOnly


Posted 05 March 2008 - 03:09 AM

Have you ever tried an illuminating concealer? Boots No.7 (at Target) has a good one with really great reviews.

My personal favorite is Vincent Longo Cream Concealer. I don't often wear concealer, but if I do this works well. Good luck

#7 debbiedeb77


Posted 05 March 2008 - 03:14 AM

have you tried a yellow colored concealer...it usually neatralizes darkness under they eyes so you dont have to cake it on as much. physicians formula has a nice array of concealers that are great, their yellow cover stick works great and its inexpensive too! blending it under your foundation is key
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#8 rawrrawrrawramy


Posted 06 March 2008 - 04:09 AM

I have the same problem.. a few questions..
Are you using an eye cream? One with light reflecting properties will help lessen the look of dark circles and open up your eye area. It will also help to smooth your concealer out and make it last longer. Borba makes a good one as does Clinique.
A yellow toned concealer will counteract the blue/purple tones of the undereye circles. You mentioned you have tried the Bobbi Brown concealer, did you also use the corrector? I use the concealer along with the corrector and the corrector is what really makes the difference for me. Maybe you could try that if you have not already. I've also heard good things about MAC Studio Finish concealer and TimeBalm's concealer.
Also, maybe you could try a highlighter under the eyes to help with the sunken in look. Tricia Sawyer's Eye Slept on QVC is getting really good reviews, I'm still waiting on mine in the mail though! Bare Escentuals makes a highlighter designed to open up shadows on the face also, it's called Natural Light. Smashbox also makes a highlighter for the eyes... Photo Op Under-Eye Brightener.
But I hope this helps! I def. understand how you feel about your undereye circles girl!

#9 Idaviruma


Posted 06 March 2008 - 09:38 AM

sorry for the belated reply, thanks everyone for the advice, I'd really hate to throw away money on something that wont work or work with same effectiveness as the ones claimed to be the best, or "industrial strength".
Right now I'm using neutrogena moisturizer in the morning before applying makeups, mineral powder to mattify the look , I have acne prone and blothy/shiny skin, over that a little bit of benefit get even powder, usually do that first then concealer, I somewhat liked the boi-ing, but the color was too dark for me, so I mixed it with another one, once I ran out of that, I purchased bobbi brown corrector and using that now along with time balm concealer , because its a bit too light for me and blending helps a bit.
rawrrawrrawramy- I'll sometimes use eye creams at night, but just regular moisturizer SPF 30 or 45 in the morning, I've tried the yellow concealers and they just look really awful, even after blending, doesent match my skin tone at all. I was thinking about the highlighter and might give it a try later when I have extra money

#10 pinksugar


Posted 06 March 2008 - 09:41 AM

another thing you could try is a greenish toned concealer?

my favourite brand of concealer (not green, just regular, lol) is the covergirl one with a blue lid. It's always covered for me!

I find the light reflecting ones show up in photos making you look like a ghost.

Best of luck with your eyeball issues!

#11 vanitygrey


Posted 07 March 2008 - 02:17 AM

Bobbi Brown

#12 rawrrawrrawramy


Posted 07 March 2008 - 03:30 AM

Well good luck! I just thought of another good highlighter... Laura Mercier Secret Brightener... she makes a Secret Brightening Powder too.

#13 CuTeLiCiOuS


Posted 07 March 2008 - 05:58 AM

Your are not getting enough protein, magnesium, and iron in your diet.

#14 haylz1


Posted 07 March 2008 - 09:18 AM

Actually I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, but YSL's radiant touch works wonders on my dark circles.

Its really light so for everyday use I use it by itself but for nights out I usually wear it over a concealer. It contains light reflecting particles which brighten up the area. The thing I love about it is that it doesn't crease or sink into fine lines.

I usually get mine from fresh fragrances and cosmetics

#15 tajameka


Posted 08 March 2008 - 08:06 AM

i would recommend a "salmon-colored concealer" Eve Pearl (celeb makeup artist) raves about it. N i would also recommend the Mary Kay Signature...n if you're dark complexioned, i'd recommend Posner

#16 Make-up_Hawk


Posted 08 March 2008 - 06:18 PM

A little trick I've learned is to dab primer on my under-eye area only. Then I use a liquid concealer like MAC. After that, I put on my foundation (which is really tinted moisturizer). And finally, I add a cream concealer under the eye like Dermablend on top of that; I double-up. I use powder to set everything.

#17 smallpuppy


Posted 09 March 2008 - 02:53 AM

I love the Cinema secrets corrective foundation. It's the best thing I have used on my under eye circles!
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#18 CandyApple


Posted 09 March 2008 - 05:10 AM

Prescriptives is the best!!! Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer SPF 25. This has lasted me a year!!

#19 shana.


Posted 12 March 2008 - 04:17 PM

YSL is still the best for me.

#20 maheen44


Posted 12 March 2008 - 06:30 PM

hi !

if you are trying to reduce your dark circles, try cucumber or damp tea bags.

If you are trying to conceal them, try a peach coloured concealer. Yellow concealer will only make them look green!

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