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Using Concealer as Foundation

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#1 Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

Posted 07 June 2008 - 03:36 AM

I've tried many foundations in my day, but they are just too sheer for me. I need something w/ full/heavy coverage, so I mix liquid foundation w/ a stick foundation. I recently tried MAC's Select Cover-Up (& still mixed it w/ a stick foundation). The coverage seems good, but my skin is ridiculously oily & it just looks like an oilslick after a while. (I use oil blotthing papers too!)

I want to try Prescriptives new stick foundation called AnyWear Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick (NOT together w/ the other stick foundation I use). It sounds like it will be good!

Anyone try this Prescriptives makeup yet or know a good, very matte, heavy coverage foundation or concealer?
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#2 pinksugar


Posted 07 June 2008 - 03:45 AM

I think the problem with this would be that it would look too heavy and caked on.

I've heard that some brands of stage makeup provide the best coverage, as do brands that are specifically made to cover tattoos and scars. Maybe you could try some of them? I'm sure the girls will know what specific brands might be the best.. maybe Ben Nye?

#3 andrrea


Posted 07 June 2008 - 04:34 AM

I agree that concealer as foundation would look to cakey.

I suggest you try Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet + Matifying foundation. It can be layered for the coverage you're looking for.
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#4 Retro-Violet


Posted 07 June 2008 - 10:09 AM

i really dont use foundation, i'll use concealer on areas that need it only (so if its some red or a zit or something that needs covering).
but dont use it all over your face, it'll be too heavy.

as for prescriptives, from what ive used of theirs i love it.
i got there custom-made foundation 2 months ago, the best $65 ive ever spent in my life.

#5 Ashley


Posted 07 June 2008 - 10:16 AM

If you need something with a lot of coverage, I would suggest a foundation like Cinema Secrets or Dermablend.

#6 missprissy82


Posted 07 June 2008 - 10:31 AM

DERMABLEND is great for full coverage. STUDIO TECH works wonders as well, and i hear FULL COVERAGE (also by MAC) is good. I think the oil is a necessary ingredient to make the foundation thicker (dont quote me), so more than likely youll get oily with opague coverage.... so grab some blotting tissues and ur good to go.

#7 kdmakeuparts


Posted 07 June 2008 - 06:21 PM

I used to work for prescriptives and I say anything of theirs is worth trying!!!
I also sugggest Dermablend.

#8 Adrienne


Posted 07 June 2008 - 06:51 PM

I think using concealer as a foundation would look too cakey. And if you're buying it a shade or two lighter than your foundation, it won't look good either.

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#9 Aniger86


Posted 07 June 2008 - 07:08 PM

I think you could try Dermablend and Coverderm. Both are suppose to be quite heavy duty. I haven't checked out Coverderm before, but Dermablend is indeed quite heavy coverage. I think though if you use this brand, you might need to use some sort of special power to set the foundation, from the Dermablend brand itself. Claims it'll make the foundation stay on all day.

#10 Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

Posted 10 June 2008 - 11:39 PM

Thanks a lot guys! I looked up a couple brands you posted that I hadn't heard about yet. I had known about Colortration for a while & decided to try that. It's $36 a bottle, so I hope I relly like it!

I can't believe I'm now 33 & have yet to find the perfect makeup for me! (Started wearing makeup at about 17) I sure hope I like this!
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#11 Cheetahlips


Posted 06 October 2011 - 09:26 PM

Hi Smokey Eye,


Well I would suggest using Kat Von D's tattoo concealer and tattoo eraser stick (if you look it up on Sephora.com it gives you all the info on both). I also have very oily skin but if you get a mattifying press powder and blotting papers then it'll be fine but make sure to moisturize well before even if you have oily skin. I really hope I helped!


                            -Cheetah Lips :)

#12 *DeeryLou*


Posted 04 November 2011 - 07:02 PM

Revlon Colorstay aqua mineral powder foundation!

#13 MkpArtist


Posted 04 November 2011 - 07:31 PM

Full coverage makeups like Makeup Forever and MAC are your best bet. MUD's creme is fantastic. My question is why do you need full coverage? Do you need it everywhere? Sometimes a mid- range coverage makeup looks prettier on the skin and then you can utilize a full coverage makeup or concealer and spot treat the areas that need more. This will cut down on the oily breakthrough and looking cake-y. Also, make sure to set with a matte powder. 

#14 Katie-Gaslight


Posted 04 November 2011 - 11:50 PM

try to get your hands on estee lauder maximum cover camouflage make up. NOT the double wear one which is new, but the old one.

it has crazy coverage. it has CRAZY coverage, i swear. one time i forgot to rub off the spot where i had some of the foundation from applying it (inside of my arm) and it was there for like 2 days.. until i scrubbed it off with a facial peeling. i am always on the hunt for a good, full coverage foundation and this one amazed me, i've never had anything like it. i have very large pores on my cheeks and a very oily t-zone, but with a primer and setting powder it lasted me almost all day (my day starts at 6.30 am and ends at 8-8.30 pm). i do have to blot 1-2 times but really, it's nothing.



the only reason i'm looking for a new foundation is because this one is way too beige for my fair skin. but maybe it'll work for you, they have about 6 colors.


now.. the sad part.. it's discontinued. my cosmetic company outlet had TONS of it though for only $20. and i'm pretty sure i still saw it at macy's here in providence.


ask around, look online. it's an awesome foundation.. just my skincolor is in the way.


looks like this:


#15 zadidoll

  • LocationUSA

Posted 05 November 2011 - 01:48 AM

I have to admit I've done the concealer as foundation trick before and found that make looks like a mask. Plus it was a pain to remove compared to foundation and touch ups in the day resulted in a cakey mess. Now I use BB cream as a primer with mineral foundation over it. If I want a more sheer coverage I use a brush to apply, if I want more coverage I apply the mineral foundation with a powder puff then use a brush to smooth it out. I have rosacea so when trust me when I say I like more coverage on the days my skin looks really red. So far I'm happy with the results since it looks more natural and not like a mask as it was when I did the concealer as a foundation trick.

#16 Slinkycats


Posted 05 November 2011 - 03:06 AM

Have you thought about using a mattefying powder or spray and then medium coverage foundation? I haven't yet but I am looking into de-slick by urban decay and there are other mattefying powders and sprays out there. Might be worth looking into. Then you won't have to double up on concealer and foundation and using the sticks so much. Just a thought.

#17 addiemartin


Posted 11 November 2011 - 05:27 PM

Don't think using concealer as foundation is the best idea, mainly because concealer is a lot thicker than foundation so it would look too much on your face. I tend to use a foundation and then a powder on top :)

#18 Laced Ivory

Laced Ivory

Posted 19 November 2011 - 05:19 PM

If you're looking for a good foundation with good coverage, try Diorskin Nude. It covers redness greatly and the coverage is buildable. It was my HG foundation for a long time, before I changed my daily skin cleanser, which got me back to being allergic to alcohol. So now I'm very tempted to get the Diorskin Forever compact instead, which has no alcohol content. I think Shu Uemura's Compact Foundation is great too!


As you mentioned your skin gets oily, I suggest using a compact rather than something mousse-y or liquid because they just help to make shine worse.









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