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What's Your Worst Vacation?

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14 replies to this topic

#Post 1 of 15 OFFLINE   CellyCell



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 02:36 AM

Story time! LOL.

Go on and share

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#Post 2 of 15 OFFLINE   beaglette



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 03:26 AM

The first time I went to Gatlinburg, TN was the WORST vacation ever. My ex and I said we would never go back. I'm not sure why, though? We had a very nice cabin on top of the mountains and had gone away for an, alleged, rekindling of romance.

Perhaps the reason I felt it was so bad because on the way down my ex revealed his secret sexual desire which involved men and not me. Yeah, that's probably what did it.


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#Post 3 of 15 OFFLINE   pinksugar



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 03:30 AM

oh man! this one is a no-brainer!

My trip to egypt was a nightmare from start to finish! here goes:

we arrived, and all the suitcases were in a huge stack on the floor. Our driver took our passports and walked out of the airport with them, so while I'm digging through this pile of cases to find my bags, my sister is running after this guy thinking shit we're going to be stranded!

arrive at the hotel, put the do not disturb sign up and look at our cases. Realise mine has huuuuge cracks in it. BUT to claim insurance you need to tell someone BEFORE leaving the airport, which I couldn't do since our driver was a lunatic and ran off with our passports (smart).

While we were napping before dinner, despite the sign on the door, room service knocked and knocked at our door, repeatedly.

that evening, after meeting our tour companions, we went to bed, exhausted after a long flight. Then, in the middle of the night, we had a prank call with people saying they would come to our room. It was very scary especially as there were heaps of men loitering in the lobby and our door wouldn't lock properly.

Later in the trip, one of the guys in our tour got arrested by the tourist police (who have machine guns) because he made racist comments while he was drunk.

We barely got any sleep for the entire trip as some of the OTHER guys on our trip played knock and run the following night/s.

We were quite concerned at going out alone as people would come out of their houses and follow you down the street in a really menacing manner, and even the police would lean out of their cars and yell at you, even though we were well covered up (it was unbelievably cold)

THEN when we finally got away from that hideous country, my sister lost her passport in thailand (but found it again) Our hotel lost our booking (but found it again) I lost my photocard with over 200 photos of egypt on it, and the tropical beach part of our holiday was rained out with typhoon weather.

I hated every second of that trip, bar the excursion to starbucks we made to cheer me up after I lost my photocard.


#Post 4 of 15 OFFLINE   magosienne



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 05:51 AM

that Egypt trip sounds like a nightmare !

hmm, we were on holidays in the south of France, close to the Pyrénées mountains. the view was absolutely beautiful, sadly that was the only good thing. i think i was about 12 when that happened.

my parents rented a mobile home in that camping for two weeks. it was ok for the most part, except it wasn't so clean so we had to buy products just before we could relax after a long trip.
then my dad calls because the gas cylinder was empty, kinda hard to cook anything, don't you think ?

then we decide to have a walk in the camping. my brother and i wanted to play but the equipment wasn't very solid so we risked having an accident. logically, my parents forbid us to go there. okay, so instead we'll go to the swimming pool. hmm, yeah, except you had to swim with all the dead insects, mostly fly and wasp. no way, dad's allergic to wasps (and there was wasps. luckily they liked strawberry jam. i suspected there was even a
hornets nest somewhere).
the second, heated, swimming pool was closed. well worth having a second one if it's not usable.
then we decide to go to the restaurant, yucky food, and very expensive. there was a small grocery store, the only thing worth buying being lollipops.

there was a lot of european people there, from Germany and other european countries. everything in the camping was written in any language but french, and on July's 14th, there was a party organized, but only for them. now i've been to campings with european clients, but come on. July 14th is the french national holiday, so of course everyone's welcome to the party, but we really felt like strangers in our own country. nothing in that camping was welcoming the french clients.

we had a nice couple as neighbors. because the caravan they were renting was falling apart(and very insect friendly), they got an old log cabin. the lady came in to ask mom for the cleaning products as we were too far from any town for them to get products and get everything cleaned before the night. she then told me there was blood everywhere in the bedroom like someone was murdered, and the other rooms were just as dirty.

then came the worst part. we got a new gas cylinder, but the equipment was very old, with electric cables falling from the electricity meter (which we didn't notice the first time). so pick your death, either we died by fire provoked by a short circuit, or by gas poisoning. or both for that matter. there was simply no way we spent another night in that mobile home.

we never saw the boss before, so my dad talked to his daughters (doing every dirty job in the camping) until he finally reached him. i was there, and i was really scared. that man treated us like shit, and he simply didn't care if we died or not. my dad asked for his money back. we were there for one week, so we lost that money. dad wanted it back too, but the man was the kind ready to take a gun from his drawer and shoot us. although i'm not sure he would have done that considering i was in the room. my dad felt we needed to get out as soon as possible, so we practically ran to the mobile home to get our things and jump in the car.

i don't know how exactly we got it, but anyway we got a catalogue with campings, and we were told one in particular was great. we managed to get a phone working (yay for mountains) and we called. after a few minutes we got told a log cabin was available.

needless to say we jumped in the car and never turned our backs. the info was good and that week managed to save our holidays. we went back there the next years.

#Post 5 of 15 OFFLINE   CellyCell



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 07:16 AM

I was around 8 when we went to El Salvador for a month.
At the time I was having fun but looking back, what an awful experience!

Well, we stayed at my Grandma's sisters house - they lived in cement houses, man. You were exposed to the environment and holes through doors and such. So pretty poor conditions. You'd wake up with huge roaches in your hair... they didn't have hot water so it was cold showers often, my mom said I refused to take baths a lot because I couldn't stand the cold water. Because of that, I came back with lice ... ugh.

Fast food there is horrible! Pizza Hut - I swear their sauce was made out of blood because it tasted like it.

Also, I was still going to school so I had to do homework often...lame.

I remember staying at my Grandma's other sister's house by myself overnight and because they never had doors in their bathroom - I was embarrassed that they would watch me pee so I didn't... and that ended up with me peeing in my cousin's bed. So my aunt's husband took me home in the middle of night. I don't remember much of that - just getting to mom and crying a lot. So later that day we found out my aunt and her husband got shot that same night which resulted in her death. It was my Grandma's little sister... I remember the funeral. I was so naive back then I wasn't aware of death. They had the casket open and everything, saw the bullet hole in her head. I remember telling my cousin - who was a bit younger than me, that her mom had died. She too didn't understand the concept of depth. Looking back, I feel so horrible for saying that but I didn't know any better.

I was young so I only remember the good parts of the trip - my mom said that was a really bad vacation and she wanted to come home so badly.

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#Post 6 of 15 OFFLINE   TylerD



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:21 AM

I have never had a bad vacation. I mean c'mon its me.. YOu go on vacation with me its always a gurantee good time... Although my gf might get sick of my annoyingness from time to time but meh its a thing we share
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#Post 7 of 15 OFFLINE   Adrienne



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:31 AM

Ugh, not really a vacation but when my son wasn't a year old yet i went to florida to visit my family and my husband stayed behind.

Apparently trouble was brewing at my in laws and my mil was bi*ching at my bro in law about why can't he be a real man and take care of his family like Jr (my husband). well that blew the lid off my bil told her that a real husband wouldnt cheat on his wife. Jr has the nerve to call me before anyone else tells me and that's when i found out that while i was pregnant he was meeting an ex at his brothers apartment. My brother's in law second baby mama (when they were first dating) actually thought that she was his wife until she met big ol pregnant me.

I had to ride that whole way home thinking about that and didn't even tell anyone i was with. We broke up for a little while and things are okay now but i swear that was the worst trip ever.

"Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future."

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#Post 8 of 15 OFFLINE   GlossyAbby



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 11:31 AM

that would have to be my Thanksgiving trip with my roomate in college..... We went to Mexico to visit her family....We had to sneak out each night to go clubbing (her parents were strict) ... I only drank alcohol the whole 2 days there... it was not a nice part of mexico....and she got so drunk one night at a club that she had us go to some guys house she knew one of the guy's going to the house from high school and she spends the whole time at the house locked in the bathroom with this guy... her cousin ditches me to go do gosh knows what and its me and about 6 guys that dont speak english and I only know like 6 spanish words and the whole time I am having to push them away from me...one of them took off his pants and was making his way over to where I was sitting......I nearly broke down the bathroom door and demanded my roomate take me back to her house...It was a very bad sistuation that could have been a lot worse.. I am lucky that I wasn't heavily drunk....needless to say that was my last trip to Mexico with her...

#Post 9 of 15 OFFLINE   bella1342



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 03:44 PM

I don't think I've ever been on a bad vacation really.

One thing pops in my head though.

I got really, really sick when I flew to Ireland for the weekend, from Italy. It was high 80's the whole time I was in Italy, and my cousin and I decided to fly to Ireland. We get there and it was 20 degrees and rainy, so damn cold. People were wearing scarfs, gloves, face masks, winter jackets, etc. All my cousin and I had packed were t-shirts, capris, jeans, that kind of thing. We both got so sick from the weather. My throat was so sore, I couldn't even swallow a drink. So my whole time in Ireland was spent in some of the most awesome pubs drinking Irish coffees with shots of whiskey on the side. Totally made me not feel anything... we got so bombed. We met the nicest people there too... they all want to know all about you and buy you drinks. It was great. I did have fun but that was the sickest I've ever been in my life. I was so happy to go back to Italy and the beautiful weather.

#Post 10 of 15 OFFLINE   MakeupByMe



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 03:49 PM

what the hell is a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Post 11 of 15 OFFLINE   Amber77



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 04:16 PM

When I was 10 years old we went on a family vacation to Disney World. Everything was awesome until the last day we visited the Magick Kingdom. We got there at 10 am. My father went to a store while my mother, my siblings and I stayed outside resting in a sitting area. About 15 minutes later my mother decided that we were going into the store to get my dad, but he must have been leaving the store at the same time by a different exit ( there were like 3 different doors). We spent the rest of the day looking for him and crying histerically and he was looking for us too. Finally we got reunited at 11pm. That was the most horrible vacation of my life.
I hate Disney World.

#Post 12 of 15 OFFLINE   Aprill



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 04:18 PM

Originally Posted by beaglette View Post
The first time I went to Gatlinburg, TN was the WORST vacation ever. My ex and I said we would never go back. I'm not sure why, though? We had a very nice cabin on top of the mountains and had gone away for an, alleged, rekindling of romance.

Perhaps the reason I felt it was so bad because on the way down my ex revealed his secret sexual desire which involved men and not me. Yeah, that's probably what did it.


Oh dear, I have a trip planned to Gaitlinburg...haha wish me luck

#Post 13 of 15 OFFLINE   P.I.T.A



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 04:38 PM

Yikes! Those vacations are terrible. They're worse than the one Imma post. Mines not even a vacation, it was a weekend trip.

October 2005 my now ex took me and my brother to Disneyland for my birthday. So I could see the Haunted Mansion done up like Nightmare Before Christmas (one of my fav movies). For some reason the genius thought if we left by 1 in the morning we'd get to the park as it was opening. He must have forgotten about L.A traffic because we were in it for the longest time. Then my brother started to get the shakes because he needed to eat and the car ride snacks were gone. My ex refused to get off at the next exit to feed my brother. Fast Forward a bit and we finally make it to Disneyland. We get to the ticket booth to pay for enterance and that @$$hole made me pay for him. I couldn't believe it. I asked him why on earth he made me pay for him and he goes "I just think it's rediculous to pay that much for a theme park" WTF!?! It was my brother's first time to the park ever, and I wanted it to be special and for him to have an unforgettable blast. That's not how it went. We didn't make it to toonland because my ex was to busy fartin around doing other things. Oh, I should mention that by this time, we were already on the outs. I didn't even get to ride the Haunted Mansion. He complained the whole time, and checked out other chicks who were about 17 ( don't be surprised if you see him on Dateline: To catch a predator)...We were walking around trying to find our way back to the Matterhorn and he spotted Arial. He grabs my arm and pulls me into the line to have our picture taken with her. We finally get up there and he's trying to flirt with frikkin arial!!! WHAT THE HELL?!? It wasnt making me jealous in the least bit, it was however angering me because it was my birthday and he was being horses ass to me and my brother. After that I didn't really talk to him for the rest of the day. Then came firework time, and I don't know about you, but for some reason EVERYONE in the park turns into blood thirsy monsters if you stand in front of them. We find a space and we get situated. I could see great, and my brother could see great. People are still piling in trying to get THAT spot, ya know. When all of a sudden my ex decides he wants to move further back. He made such a huge scene about it, to shut his ***** ass up we moved further back. Come to find out there were highschool cheerleaders there that he wanted to check out. It was so disgusting. Thinking about it makes me want to vomit, exorcist style. The fireworks start and theres a huge tree blocking most of my view, but I made the best of it. Iv'e already seen it, I wanted my brother to see it. Then out of nowhere my ex stands infront of my brother blocking him from the whole show. I was PISSSSSSSSSSSSED!!!! I tapped him on the shoulder and asked what the hell he thought he was doing, and he goes "oh, she couldn't see" pointing to one of the high school cheerleaders. Fast Fwd the park is closing and we trek back to the car. Time to go to Magic Mountain. We drive the 2 hours to get Magic Mountain so we can go in the morning and I'm thinking we're going to stop off at a Motel 6 and crash for a few hours. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my ex doesn't want to spend any money on a room. So what does he do? He pulls off somewhere behind some shady apts and tells us were sleeping in the car. So not only did I have a crappy B-day, my disneyland experience sucked that time, my brother HATED being there (cant say that I blame him), and now we were sleeping in a car on the side of the road in Valencia, by some apts.. I kept arguing with him to find a motel and he kept telling me to shut up. I kept my cool. Morning time rolls around and Im ready to go home. I dont want to go to Magic Mountain anymore. I told him that and he told me too bad. Not even my brother wanted to go. We felt kidnapped. He drives to a gas station and I ask why..."so we can get ready"..When he was in the bathroom getting ready, I should have drove off with my brother. It was my car we were in after all. Magic Mountain was not fun at all. It was hot, he was being an ass again, and the lines were too long. So we decided to finally go home. Once we got home, I didn't talk to him for a whole week. Worst birthday trip ever!!! SO glad I got rid of his ass
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#Post 14 of 15 OFFLINE   Karren



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 05:24 PM

Brandi wins!! Lol. I'd stay out of Tennessee, Aprill!! Lol

Our worste one was camping up in Wisconsin up on Lake Michigan.. And we love to camp.. In a tent.. But this time it rained.. For like 5 days straight. And the waterproffing on the tent last about 48 hours... Everything was soaked.. The kids we'ree always whinning about being wet.. Then there were the thunder storms.. Tent almost blew over and a large limb almost took out the van...

Evey night. We would go to the camp laundry and put the sleeping bags in and dry them so we could sleep but in the morning everything was soaked again..

After that my wife refused to ever go camping in a tent so we bought a used pop-up camper.. With heat.. And A/c... And a stove.. Still have it too but its so damn expensive to haul around..
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#Post 15 of 15 OFFLINE   Sarah84



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Posted 11 June 2008 - 07:23 PM

I thankfully have never been on what i'd say was a bad holiday