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Depotted Mac Eyeshadows Must Goooo.

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#1 lacerations


Posted 09 January 2010 - 12:34 AM

Okay, so.

I jumped on the MAC bandwagon and now I'm falling off.

I have nine MAC depotted eyeshadows. Two of them work fine for me, they don't cause me to break out and that's great. The rest? I wish I could say the same.

I was reading stuff on the internet and I think it's mainly the darker colors that do it, but regardless. There are a lot of great make-up companies and I shouldn't put my eye through so much just for the name.

So, I have these depotted eyeshadows as well as a MAC palette.

Black Tied [Lightly used]
Beauty Marked [REALLY lightly used]
Swiss Chocolate [I love this one so much. But-- lightly used]
Deep Damson [Used twice maybe-- though there's a little piece missing on the side]
Trax [I love this color. Just bought it too. Used once]
Amber Lights [Light to medium use]
Aquadisiac [Swatched once]
Idol Eyes [Light to medium use]

And now that I think about it-- I love Vanilla too much to even consider swapping it.

I alsoooooo have Smashbox Obsidian depotted and in my MAC Palette. I am willing to also trade the whole lot to someone, including the palette if it's a good offer.


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