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How do you remove a beauty mark at home?

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#1 vicky222114


Posted 03 August 2010 - 06:25 AM

There are 5 kinds of beauty mark: chloasma, black spot, freckle, sunburn and cyasma

first you need to know the kind of your beauty mark

way can help you to remove a beauty mark at home

1. Get some apple peel and triturate them to mud. For dry skin, you can add some milk or vegetable oil; for oil skin, add some ege white. And spread them on you face, 15-20 minutes later, wach your face.

More info from:http://www.pubarticl....280807872.html

#2 Shanki


Posted 03 August 2010 - 06:40 AM

why would you want to get rid of a beauty mark? isn't this your same example for freckles?
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#3 sooperficial


Posted 03 August 2010 - 06:57 AM

The only SAFE way is by a doctor.

#4 divadoll


Posted 03 August 2010 - 09:47 AM

You don't want to replace your 'beauty' mark with an UGLY scar if this was done improperly. However, you are just suggesting a way to make them less noticable - to fade them, not remove them.
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#5 *DeeryLou*


Posted 04 August 2010 - 03:00 AM

Wow..yes..go to a Dr. I could have sworn I have heard that it can cause serious damage to your skin if you remove a mole or anything like that.

#6 Annelle


Posted 04 August 2010 - 04:42 AM

I think this is the first time I've ever heard of a sunburn being referred to as a beauty mark. Sunburns are definitely NOT beautiful!
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#7 beautygrl09


Posted 06 August 2010 - 01:04 AM

Are you talking about freckles, or skin blotches??? Freckles are cute--don't try to remove them!! If you're talking about blotches or uneven skin tone, on the other hand, there are some great topical solutions to this problem. One notable line is Specific Beauty--it's dermatologist tested and proven to brighten skin tone and smooth out any uneven tones on the face. They don't sell it in stores, but you can learn more about them on their site, or even purchase.

If you search Specific Beauty on google, they are the first site that pops up

Good luck!!!

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