Fall Accessories: The Embellished Collar

peterpan big photo2 550x308 Fall Accessories: The Embellished Collar

HnM Collar Pearl Necklace 2 550x600 Fall Accessories: The Embellished Collar

Last week, I went to the mall and found this beautiful pearl collared necklace at H&M. I’ve seen a few collared necklaces before, but it seems like this fall they are really being embraced. However, it is not just any collared necklaces, but the embellished collars that are stepping on the scene. These necklaces are a fun way to make any outfit pop.

elizabeth banks 435 225x300 Fall Accessories: The Embellished Collar

I think this accessory looks best with a collarless plain or simple blouse. Wearing this with a deeply patterned top would make your top half look too busy. I have seen this kind of necklace with scoop tops, dresses, deep v-necks, and even T-shirts. Elizabeth Banks was seen wearing a collared top with an all red dress. Since the neckline of the dress is so high, a collared necklace was a perfect choice of jewelry. Then Holland Roden wore a silver collar with an all lace top. This pairing made her look all the more youthful and feminine.

4def005e7970afa6 149207684.preview 199x300 Fall Accessories: The Embellished Collar

If you do not like the idea of trying to find a necklace to match a top, you can always buy a blouse with an embellished collar.  Olivia Palermo is wearing a sheer top with an embellished top that looks absolutely amazing! If you like that top, you are sure to love the Bead-sy Bee Sheer Black Button-Up Top from Lulu’

bRBrt1113blkB 242x300 Fall Accessories: The Embellished CollarWould you rock this accessory? If so, how would you rock it? Find out other fall/winter accessories other MuT members are craving!  Do’t forget to comment below. Until next time!


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