Fall Makeup!

It is hot and humid days like this when I just can’t wait for Fall. It’s not just the weather that has me raring to go though…I can’t wait for Fall makeup! Although some Fall collections are already available for purchase, most don’t come out until August, and I’m still loving my summer makeup for now. Here is a look at some of my upcoming favorites from some fabulous cosmetic lines!
NARS is one of my all time favorite brands of makeup, and they are still standing strong for Fall 2011! I am super excited about their Trio Shadow Palette in Delphes! It contains a gorgeous peachy pink, a matte grey, and a frosted green- the perfect Fall eye in my opinion! The star of their Fall collection is the Outremer shadow. It is such a beaut! It’s bold, bright, and blue! What’s not to love?!




Following along the blue lines (a huge trend for Fall!) is Dior’s Blue Tie. This Fall collection is all about blue and I love it! First of my favorites is the Smoking Blue Shadow Quad palette. It is made up of four incredible smoky silvers and navy blues. There is also a pinky gloss in a fun little compartment to the left of the shadows. These colors are all super rich and will make a beautiful eye. I will probably hunt down a dupe for this palette because I have to be a little bit on the frugal spending side…and this $70 palette would not help in any way. Dior’s Tuxedo nail polish is to die for! Again, I will be sticking to a dupe (Essie’s Midnight Cami or Aruba Blue would work well) for this. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend the $21 dollars on some pretty shadows. Deep blues in any shade are going to be the go to color for Fall and I’m in love!














On the more affordable end is the MAC Me Over Collection set to debut August 25th! We all love MAC and their quality yet wallet friendly products and we just might love them a little bit more come Fall. They have quite a slew of new goodies coming out, but these have made my most wanted list. First is four new lipsticks. Runaway Red, Rebel, Prince Noir, and Smoked Purple are in my opinion the greatest Fall lip shades! I love the berry colors, but Runaway Red just might have to be my fave. I will be purchasing these the second I can.. and at only $14.50 a piece, I will probably end up with all four.  Then there is the fantastic Dark Envy Fluidline. I adore gel liners, and this smoky teal is incredible! I probably want this more than any of the other products above. Gel liners are very versatile and there are so many looks you can create!













All of these products get me geared up for Fall! What is on your must-have list for the upcoming months?



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