Fashion Night Out @ the Beverly Center



Yesterday, I had the fabulous experience of going to Fashion Night Out at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Just imagine the whole mall on sale, each store having refreshments and drinks, and in the middle, the red carpet and a fashion runway! Everybody there was dressed to impress! I wish I could have taken a picture of all the cool outfits I saw. From the music to the energy, everything was amazing.  I could only imagine what was happening in New York. The first FNO was held in New York in 2009. This event was created to help the economy and restore the interest of customers. This year it encompassed 16 different countries over eight days. Most stores in the mall did sponsorships with other people or companies. For example, inside Guess, two girls who worked for Violent Lips were applying the lips on girls. All the girls loved it! I even got my lips done. Macy’s was giving away free water, makeovers, and manicures. Now you can probably guess how much fun everyone was having.



















I am sure if the Video Music Awards was not the same night, everyone would have dropped by the Beverly Center! There were celebrity appearances by Lucy Hale, Lisa Love, Kendall Jenner, and even the mayor of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I could not get a picture of Lucy Hale because she was swarmed as soon as she stepped off the red carpet. Then, since I was working for Little Black Bag, I was very close to Elle and Blair for their “Beneath the Glitter” book signing.  Little Black Bag sponsored this little event by hosting a giveaway. All people had to do was text their email address to a number and come back to the booth at 8:30 to win a mystery box from LBB. We got a big crowd around 8:30 and Blair called the winner. The lucky girl won a Zac Posen handbag. All in all, the night was a huge success. I can only wish I could go to Fashion Night Out in New York. Manhattan is not known to close until 2am on a regular day, so I know the FNO over there is crazy. Did you go to FNO in your area? How was it? Did you buy anything at Fashion Night Out?

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