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Have you ever received an invitation to a party  that had a strict dress code? The invitation might say to wear business casual, and you do’t know if you have to wear nylons or not. I have been through that a few times. That is why I decided to put together a dress code guide for all of you ladies out there that go through it too.

The categories for the dress codes follow as:

White Tie  is the most formal of all the dress codes. White Tie is for the really fancy occasions when you have to wear full-length gowns and hair in an updo. White Tie events are usually social charities, presidential events, etc. Dressed to impress, and put on your best, girl. You better work it!












Black Tie is a little less formal than White Tie, but not by much. Women can wear elegant gowns or cocktail dresses. The hair can also be worn down. Black Tie events are usually award shows, balls, and weddings. Black Tie events are usually much more common than White Tie events. 















Semi-Formal or Cocktail has a few more options. Women can wear shorter cocktail dresses, dressy tops, shirts, or slacks. Semi-formal events are usually school parties and dinners. They have some formally, but not too much so you can feel more comfortable in the environment.









Festive Attire is usually for company holiday parties. You can wear all the things in semi-formal with holiday colors and accessories. Just make sure that if it is a company party that your attire is within company polices. The picture below shows festive attire for Christmas. Festive attire does not always have to be like the sweater dress on the right, with all the snowflakes designs. It can just be a cute dress with the holiday colors, like the dress on the right.









Business Formal has a lot more rules than most other dress codes. Women almost always have to wear stockings or knee highs. Heels are a must, and you can wear suits or businesslike dresses. Business Formal is the most professional of all the dress codes. You want to make sure everything from your nail polish color to your makeup is toned down so you do not stand out too much. It is true that the office is a place for work, but remember, you can still look cute while being professional! 












Business Casual is a more relaxed dress code. Women can wear open-collared shirts or sweaters. They can also wear shirts, dress pants, or khaki pants. This is a more everyday work wear, while Business Formal is mostly for superiors and special occasions. This has a lot more options of what to wear to work so you are not stuck with the same dress suit every day.










Dressy Casual can be described as dressy top and nice pair of jeans or a skirt and dressy top. You can dress any casual up by adding the right accessories. These ladies below dressed their outfits up by adding pearls.










Casual is the most relaxed of all the dress codes. Casual is whatever that makes you feel comfortable, yet is still appropriate for the situation.











Now that you have a guide to dress code you do’t have ever have to worry about dressing down or being overdressed at an occasion again! Just make sure that whatever you wear, it looks good and keeps the heads turning! Until next time!

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