Fashion Tips: Prints and Patterns

Many people get intimidated by prints and patterns because they are so busy. They wonder what they should wear with patterned pieces and if the piece is just too much. Do not fear; embrace the prints and patterns! Prints and patterns can be the wow factor in any outfit. Just be sure to find the prints that work for you, and you can use these tips to find the best way to wear your piece.

Wear Prints for your size

When I mentioned you should find prints that work for you, I meant the best prints to go with your body size. Smaller prints work better for smaller people because bigger prints might be too overwhelming for the body. This concept works the same for bigger figures as well. Smaller prints on a larger figure would make the piece look busier than it is so it would be best to find medium to larger prints that are comparable to your size.

Do’t Over Print

When wearing a one-piece such as a dress or a romper, choose to wear simple accessories. If you buy a matching two-piece outfit, it is sometimes better to wear the patterned pieces separately. If you are wearing floral pants, it will look best if you have a solid colored top to balance the outfit. If you decide to wear a leopard shirt, then it may look better with solid pants than with leopard pants that may match. MuT members discuss this very fashion concern on a “Would You Wear This” thread.



Keep it Consistent

One thing that may be helpful in putting together a printed outfit is keeping the same or similar print. Use the similar prints in matching the outfit to the accessories to achieve consistency. If you wear a leopard blouse, it may not be the best choice to match it with a zebra handbag.

These fashion tips are all my opinion, so do not use them if you do not feel comfortable. I try to give tips that have an agreed consensus in the fashion world. If you do not agree with anything I have said, I would love to hear your tips on how to wear prints and patterns!

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