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Nails are my favorite accessory! When I’m not carrying a purse or wearing one bit of jewelry my nails are always shining through by showing my style and personality. I almost never have bare nails, and I am known to repaint them at least three times a week. Crazy, I know, but I love everything about perfectly polished nails!

I have always had trouble with weak and brittle nails. They would grow to the end of my fingers and break right off. I longed for strong nails that could handle popping open coke cans and such. Sally Hansen’s VitaSurge Strength Gel has honestly saved my nails! I love this stuff. Every time I take nail polish off I coat my nails in this and rub it into my cuticles. It’ll take a week or two to notice any change, but it’ll be oh so worth it!







Once I got the strength of my nails under control it was time to conquer the length. The strengthener gel helped a bit with growth, but it wasn’t enough for me. Sally Hansen’s Grow Nails Grow really fixed the problem. I use this quite frequently, but not as often as the gel. This takes a week or two as well, but I have definitely seen a difference.






Base coats were never a must for me until last year. I picked OPI’s Ridge Filler up on sale at some point and it’s truly amazing! I always manage to have little dents in my nails and this does exactly what it says it will- fill them in! Plus, it makes everything go on super smooth. Just make sure you give it ample time to dry before starting to apply polish.
As Fall approaches I have begun digging out my dark nail polishes again. Almost black hues are my my true blue favorites for sure. OPI’s Light My Sapphire is the perfect deep shade of midnight blue with just the right amount of shimmer and shine. I probably wear this color more than any other throughout the Fall and Winter seasons.














Essie’s Fall collection is to die for! I have already painted my nails with Carry On twice and it’s not even September. It’s absolutely beautiful on, and the shade is like no other. If you haven’t bought a lacquer in a while you must pick this one up! I am certain that this will give Light My Sapphire a run for its money as my number one choice!


Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips have gotten many mixed reviews. I personally don’t love them for everyday wear, but they are beyond perfect if you have an event to go to or just a special night out. I have worn these several times and I love the gold glitter strips in Glitz Blitz. They are fairly easy to apply and look just like a salon mani. If you want them to last longer than a day or two I would recommend applying topcoat after the first night. I can’t wait to wear these for holiday parties! They are so festive and fun!



Pampering your nails is always fun until it’s time to remove the polish. I have tried so many different removers that I’ve had to spend hours scrubbing at my fingers to make them work. That is just plain annoying and it dries your fingers out horribly. Studio 35 Beauty’s Polish Remover works in an instant. I will never purchase another remover again!

Don’t you just love pretty nails?! What are some of your nail product faves?

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  1. I have never tried any Sally Hansen strengthening product for my nails. But I will love to try Sally Hansen’s VitaSurge Strength Gel if this really makes a difference. My nail are very soft and they always chip 🙁

  2. I LOVE any kind of nail art products! I have over 200 nail polishes. I love the little decal you can buy very cheap at Walmart. Some are under $2. I eve have a tiny thing that looks like a small screw driver that puts tiny holes in your nail to add a nail charm.I just bought a nail stamper kit to try because I got a Hello Kitty nail plate that you can stamptthe imprint od Hello Kitty onto your nails. There are sooo many wonderful things to adorn and jazz up your nails!

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