Fight Chapped Skin!

Sweater weather is finally coming, whether you embrace it with open arms or wish for a tropical weather year-round. It’s an exciting time, where we can finally bring out our favorite skinny jeans and rock the newest fall trends. Amid all the excitement, though, is the unfortunate fact that with dry, cold weather comes peeling noses and chapped skin.


Learn the best way to treat different chapped areas, as well as preventive measures so you don’t have to deal with flaky skin and painful lips.



It’s my own personal problem – when abrasive cleansers combine with harsh fall and winter weather, my nose starts flaking like a fresh croissant. To prevent a dried out nose, switch to gentle, creamy cleansers that aren’t too rough on your sensitive skin. Or you can make use of household ingredients to keep your face moisturized, like extra-virgin olive oil.

If it’s too late and your nose is already flaking, do NOT scrub at it. It’s a common misconception that scrubbing the flakes off will solve the problem, but this is only a quick fix that can actually cause more damage. Continue to heavily moisturize, and avoid too much sun exposure, as it can damage the sensitive skin. If the problem consists, consider seeing a doctor – there might be an underlying medical problem.



Chapped lips seem to be one of the most common cold-weather problems, but luckily, there are a lot of solutions on the market. Use chap stick and lip balm to hydrate your lips – if you want to factor it into your make up routine, consider using tinted balm, like Fresh Sugar Rose products.You’ll still get a pop of color  while taking care of your poor kisser!

However, health care professionals warn that chap stick only lubricates the lips and doesn’t necessarily moisturize them. (Wax based products can actually seal out the moisture!) Look for products that use shea butter, or better yet, take preventive steps by drinking lots of water and using a toothbrush to exfoliate off dead skin cells.



Our poor hands are probably the most overlooked when it comes to beauty regimens, but when they become chapped and dry, they can be just as painful! Make sure to moisturize your hands daily with a gentle lotion. A body butter will soothe and heal, and there are so many great options to choose from! If your hands are already chapped, make sure you apply lotion at least twice a  day, if not more.

To help prevent chapped hands, don’t forget to wear gloves or mittens when you go outside, even for a short time.The less direct contact to the cold air, the better!


Make sure you take care of yourself this fall (and winter!) to avoid chapped skin and flaking lips. Not only is it painful, but it can lead to scarring and other permanent damage. What home remedies to you like to use to treat chapped skin? Share your thoughts in our skin care forum!


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