First Commandment: Love Thy Self



This post is inspired by my fellow blogger’s post, Disney’s Forary into the Beauty World . The article did a wonderful job of explain how Disney is changing their image to appeal to an older audience. As if those who grew up watching Disney”˜s movies could ever stop loving Disney! The article did had me thinking about how children would respond to Disney’s new look, but I was more concerned about how adolescents will respond.




Adolescence is usually between the ages 9 and 15 and is the most emotionally vulnerable time within a young girl’s life. This is because they are going through puberty and their hormones are going haywire. If we are not careful, it is fairly easy for most girls to try to model what they see in the media and develop body distortion disorder. I really do not understand why Disney would make the well-known characters into stick figures and call them chic, when there are already so many outlets where we can see “media perfect” body shapes.  MuT members talk about how most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia.

I said earlier that young adolescent girls can be most affected by media, but women can also feel threatened when they see so many skinny figures on screen and may not feel adequate themselves. It may not even have to do with body shape; lower self-esteem can be caused by anything.  That is why it is so important to love yourself. When you can learn to love yourself, you have so much more confidence in yourself and you become a great role model for others.

I can understand how hard it can be for some people. I suggest trying different things to improve your self- esteem.  Every morning say one thing you love about yourself; it can be your laugh, personality, how well you cook; anything! Try creating a mantra. We use mantra in yoga to mediate and focus on a single thought.  You can use a mantra anytime of the day to focus on your objective such as, “I love myself.” It is short, sweet and the point is to say it over and over so the mantra resonates within you.


I think once you love yourself for the way you are, you can try to improve yourself in the areas where you absolutely need it. If you go right into trying to change yourself, you might never end up being happy, even with the changes you make. This is a sensitive subject for a lot of people, but I wanted to address it so I can be helpful for those who needed it. If you are comfortable with sharing, do you have any stories or good tips about improving self-esteem?

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