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i'm also wondering if these brushes are good or coastal scents? I think this company is very new so very few people have tried it.
i think that nobody had tried this product. i will just buy and see if it will work for me.. Kaville thanks for bumping the thread for me. Jobunny thanks to you too...
those are great buys, nice prices too...enjoy your haul
or anybody can comapre this to zeno device...hope that somebody can give some info.
carmex is the best for dry chapped lips
anybody tried this product? want to hear your experiences, planning to buy one, just want to make sure that it really works before spending $150 for this. any comments and stories will really help me decide to buy or not this new technology. thanks
thanks for all suggestions, i will go to the store and check out those shades, anymore suggestions is greatly appreciated.
can somebody give me some idea to what shade of l/s is she wearing? I like the lip color and wish to buy one like that...any suggestion?? Thanks
what a great invention...
wow...great colors..
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