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The link didn't work for me :(   Beautiful pics!! What highlighter was used in the 1st pic?
    Macy's has teamed up with Estée  Lauder to offer 1 million free makeovers from now until July 31st, 2012. Just visit an Estée Lauder counter at any Macy's and get your free makeover! Check out the linked page and click the link on Macy's announcement for more information and to confirm your attending     I got this in an email. Basically, you comment on their FB page through the link here:...
The email MSOB sent me: http://dinitchka.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-shade-of-brown-1st-pillow-box.html I would like to apologize to MSOB for taking so long to blog about my pillow box. I was NOT asked to blog about the pillow box. I'm quite impressed with it and I had to let yall know about MSOB and their unique service.   I am thankful to have been picked to receive their 1st ever pillow box (February) and getting a chance to experience products I have never heard of...
YaY for a beautiful Spring and Summer look!
OMG! I love it! The greens are beautiful.   I have been AVOIDING Walgreen's like the plague (where I get my Sinful polishes) because I want to pick up some stuff, that I really don't need to be buying :(  I have quite a few of the LA Colors art deco bottles. I picked them up at the Dollar Tree last year. I have yet to use them ...   As always very nice and unique. Thanks for sharing :)
I don't have a tele, so I am clueless about The Hunger Games, but I do know it's a major thing and it seems it's blowin up or has blown up all over the internet.   I just wanted to tell you this look is AHHHMAYYYZINGGG!! I LOVE blue eyeshadow and the detail work you did is FAN-EFFEN-TASTIC!   Thank you for sharing :)
My SA @ ES has been trying to get me to come in and buy this set. It's very pretty and I do love the colours but it would sit in my collection. I don't care for cream blush and I have a gazillion red lippies. Sadly, I'll be passing :(   BTW ... I have never seen Mad Men ...
I LOVE golds and I am so lushing over this collection. I first saw it on Temptalia's website and stared at it for HOURS!! ... Yea, I have no life   I have gold polishes, liners and lippies that I could prob dupe but that powder is BEAUTIFUL and like nothing I have. Plus, I am a sucker for texture/print on pretty products.  
I was at Wam-Lart on Friday and did not see these yet. I'll have to stop in at Walgreen's and check these out. Has anyone seen these at CVS?
Lovin' the recent hauls!!!
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