Get In The Spirit With Holiday Makeup!

I am currently listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas Album and loving every second of it! I am one hundred percent in holiday mode! The tree is up, lights are hanging…I even have a pink shiny Santa hat on the mannequin in my room! Anyway, the parties are beginning to pop up and the hustle and bustle of the season is in well on its way! I already have told you my recommendations for party attire, but the most important part is the makeup! I love spending hours perfectly applying makeup before I go to a holiday party, and I love glitzing it up! Glitter is a true love of mine, but during the holidays is the time where I really find it acceptable. You just have to be careful not to way overdo it! Here are some of my favorite holiday glam makeup products that will have you glistening in the lights! 



I was a bit hesitant when I first bought Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Shadow. I had complemented a friend on her eyeshadow and she told me this was what she had used. I still wasn’t fully believing it though.  I was just so sure that it would be a shimmer/glitter overload. Luckily I was wrong! I save this for my weekend nights out with the girls, and it would equally work great for the holidays! You apply the left triangle to your lid, right one to your crease, the V-shape to your outer corner, the bottom triangle to your inner corner and under your brow bone.. and finally, the top triangle gets a dusting all over! The top is the “explosion” that takes your shadow to a crazy festive level! It’s glitter that I really can’t even explain. Just trust me!




Another awesome holiday makeup trend that I enjoy wearing is red lipstick! Of course you can wear it whenever you please, but there’s nothing better than the bright red lips around the holidays.  When looking for one of my favorite lipsticks to put in this post I found this: the Ultraflesh Perfect Reds 6-piece set! I have used one Ultraflesh lipstick before and absolutely loved it! And for those that are wondering, I WILL be getting this set sometime soon! It is the perfect selection of red hues.. some with a orange hint and some darker and blue based. I love it! It’s only about $28, so might as well get them all! Hint: this would be a fabulous gift for your fellow makeup-loving friends!




My glitter kick now leads to MAKE UP FOR EVER Glitters in Copper. You can do almost anything with this fairy dust! I love having a glitter packed eye for a party!.. kinda like the one in the main pic up there. Applying this to your peepers is another story. I usually use one of those rubber glitter packers.  Apply some vaseline (or water) on it, dip it in, and pat it on. I’ve done it several other ways too, so just go with whatever works best for you! If you are going to go all glittered out, however, steer away from bold lips. Keep them simple with a light gloss and that’s it. Anything else and you risk looking like a holiday clown! (side note: I am aware that using glitter like this on your eyes can be harmful, but if you’re going to do it anyway, like me, then make sure you are using a cosmetic glitter!)




A more subtle holiday glitter option is NYX Liquid Crystal Liner. There are ten different colors to choose from, all of which are insanely gorgeous! I would just apply my regular black liner and then run a line of the glitter right above it. You can drag it out in a cat eye or just keep it plain and simple. When using this liner I would either do a light smokey eye, or use shadows in the same color of the liner (ex- blue glitter liner, tones of blue for shadow). This will make you’re eyes perfectly pop and sparkle…exactly what we want for a holiday party!




If you’re totally hesitant on going out of the ordinary for a party there’s still a way to spice up your look in a more reserved way. This is where the L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara in Black Quartz comes into play. Curl your lashes, apply the top black mascara like usual, but then take the bottom wand and brush it lightly over the ends of your lashes. The bronze (or whichever shade goes with your eye color) will give you that slight amount of shimmer that will give off a nice shine in the party lights!




The holidays are a great time to explore crazy makeup that you more than likely wouldn’t normally wear. I’m super excited to try out some of these products for parties coming up in the next three weeks! How do you get in the spirit and spice up your makeup for the holiday season?!




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