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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably super jealous that celebrities have their own stylists and beauty teams while the rest of us are stuck in our bathrooms, doing everything by hand. Wouldn’t you like to look like your favorite stars? Once a week or so, I’ll try and show you how you can get some of Hollywood’s most envious celebs’ beauty looks – without the entourage!


This week, the gorgeous star in question is none other than Taylor Swift, one of my favorite style mavens for her sweet, flirty look. I always love her beauty style (even when she’s a fashion don’t)! Follow these three steps to get Taylor’s iconic look – it’s surprisingly easy and can work as an everyday beauty style or for a glam night out!



Taylor’s curly do is her signature look, and it’s no surprise why – she looks gorgeous! To get her loose curls, start an inch or two away from your roots. Wrap one to two inch sections of hair around a 2-inch curling iron. If it’s got a clamp, wrap the hair around the outside and hold for about five seconds. Release and let it fall where it wants naturally. Bonus: MUT members have some more great tips on getting Taylor’s carefree look – read about them here!



When Taylor wants to look glamorous, she’s often seen sporting bright red lips. To copy her luscious pout, try priming your lips with a moisturizing lip balm to keep them plump and perfect. Then, slather on your favorite, fire-engine red lipstick. Don’t have a favorite yet? I like STARLOOKS’ lipstick in Kinky. The bright red shade will catch everyone’s eyes!



To make sure her eye makeup isn’t competing with the bright and alluring red lips, follow the country-pop starlet’s look and go for heavy black eyeliner with a slightly wined tip. Use a dark liquid eyeliner to get the heavy line around your lids; to get perfect wings, only draw out a little at a time and make sure you stay as symmetrical as possible.


What do you think about Taylor Swift? Which celebrities would you like to learn how to copy the looks of? Let me know in the comments!

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