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Birchbox Subscribers

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? Have questions on Birchbox? Curious about their service? Join this group to discuss the latest bags from Birchbox.

Company info:

Began in September 2010.

Membership: $10 monthly or $110 yearly

Ships out by the 10th of each month.

Perks: 10 BB points per reviewed item. 1 BB point for each dollar spent on full size items. 50 BB pts per person referred and either subscribers or purchases items on BB. 100 pts = $10 off full size item. BB points can be stacked (200 = $20, 300 = $30, etc). BB pts expire every 365 days.

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Note: Please do not conduct trades outside of the Subscription Box Swaps classified section or the Subscription Box Swaps Talk (Beta). Any request for trades or trade lists posted outside of those area will be edited or deleted. Habitual requests for trades will most likely result in an infraction. The exception is the Nail Polish Circular Swap Group and Traveling Sample Box Group which have their own set of rules for participation. Please make sure you follow the forum rules to prevent your post from being edited or removed for TOS violations.



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MakeupTalk.com › Groups › Birchbox Subscribers