Halloween Costume Predictions

As September is coming to a close, October is drawing near, and what does that mean? We are only a few weeks away from Halloween. I have already started seeing posts and news about Halloween as people start to prepare for the festive holiday. Oct 31st may be on a Wednesday, but that does not matter as the show must go on! Some people are already planning their costumes for the weekend before, are you? Do you make your own costumes or just buy them? Are you traditional (witch, gypsy, vampire) or do you like to try different costumes(characters from pop culture)? Maybe if you have’t started to think about a costume, I can give you advice on what will probably be popular this year so you can be informed about what people might wear this year . Let’s see if I can try to predict what the most common Halloween costumes will be for this year.

Snow White was definitely popular this year and last. With two movies, Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror, and a new television show “Once Upon a Time,” Snow White has been on screens everywhere. The real question here is who will be more popular, Snow White or her evil stepmother? Snow Whit’s evil stepmother may have been more popular than her. Julia Roberts played the stepmother in Mirror, Mirror, Charlize Theron made a frightening stepmother in Snow White and the Huntsman, and if you watch “Once Upon a Time,” you would know how good of a villain Regina has been. Is a sexy evil stepmother on your list of possible costumes?

                                                                                                           Favorite Group

If you have a big group of friends, you can all dress like the Avengers! The Avengers was one of the most anticipated movies of the
year. You have to admit, Marvel did a nice job of planning their movie releases to lead up to this awesome movie. You do’t have enough guys? That’s not a problem! All those costumes can be girly-fied. I hope to see some cute She-Hunks on Halloween!



Classic with a Twist
If you want to do something just slightly different than the usual, maybe you should try making your own vampire costume. There is a number of ways you can go with this. You can cover yourself in glitter, go out during the daylight, and pose as one of Edward’s siblings. Or, you can make yourself really pale and sophisticated to like the vampires in Dark Shadows. If all of that is too much, then just wear your regular fashionable clothes, add fangs, and you’re now a vampire from “True Blood”!

That is a short list of what I expect to see this Halloween. Maybe I will post a few more when the date gets closer. Need help completing your Halloween look? MuT members have already started to talk about the holiday by talking about cute lashes and makeup tips for the day. Have you started to plan your outfit for Halloween yet?

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