Hats On To A Happy New Year!

Nothing fights the chills of winter like a good warm hat. Unfortunately, for us fashionistas, it may say “warmth” but many times it doesn’t say “chic”. Have no fear, my trendy fashion followers… know that if someone knows how to wear something with style and flair, it is me! And that is why I love teaching you how to do it.
There are lots of different hats in the world if you want to show off your love of fashion and accessories.  The royal wedding proved that! Kate Middleton has become the first lady of high-style hats. But first”¦ let’s have some fun. Out of the pair of photos below, think to yourself, “Which could I see myself wearing this winter?” Or maybe “Which one would I wear on a Bryant Park runway?”



Yeah, there is a fine line between “fabulous!” and “forget it!” I’ll be honest, I was’t able to wear a hat with style till about 10 years ago. Things like your hair style, shape of your face, height, skin tone and knowing what is in style all play a part in what type of hats look good on you. Here are some of the style hats I have. They work for me. See if any jazz you:

Bongo Junior’s Cabbie Hat ““ This fashion forward hat is easy to wear by almost anyone. Not only does it keep your head warm and dry, but it also is’t so apt to give you the dreaded “hat hair“ since it does’t come down low over the ears. Fun to wear with tons of style and SO MANY options! (Kmart, $9.99)
Sequin Beret ““ No one will ever question your sense of style if you are strutting your stuff in a beret… a sequined one at that! It’s just enough to keep yourself warm and looks sexy and sassy! Wear it as an accessory or to hide a bad hair day! (Deb Shops, $6.49)
Apostrophe Women’s Crochet Hat ““ Nothing says warm like a good crocheted hat, especially one with a little bling to it. Granted, we love and appreciate the ones our grandma made for us. But as far as keeping your look fresh, you may want to check out something with a bit more modern-day style. Shiny beads and sparkling threads glimmer in the light when you show this hat off! (Sears, $11.00)
Nine West Hat, Faux Fur Bucket Hat ““ We all know that animal print is hotter than the summer sun, even in winter. This jazzed up classic bucket hat is made of faux fur with a brown belted accent. Keep your head toasty with style and flair. This is the ultimate in cold weather chic! (Macy’s, $27.99)
If you are’t usually a hat wearer but want to travel into these unchartered head-flair waters, I suggest you start out slow and work your way into it. Bring a friend with you to give you honest opinions as you try on several different style hats. Although the sales clerk may offer her two cents, remember”¦ her goal is to get a sale, not to choose which one is necessarily best for you. If you find a certain style you like, such as the cabbie or the bucket style, start with one and get comfortable with it. Once you get used to the feel and look, search out others in similar styles but various colors and patterns that you like. Before you know it, you’ll be turning heads… including your own in a jazzy new hat!!

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