Healthy Habits for the Changing Seasons

Today, in Southern California, was one of the coldest, rainiest days it has been for a long time. Now that we are well into fall, the weather is changing and becoming much colder. During the change of seasons is when a lot of people start to get sick. Our bodies have to adjust to the colder weather, and sometimes, we do not help the situation when we still behave like it is summer. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy during this changing season.

Dress Appropriately!

I know a lot of girls like to dress like it is summer when it is actually below 60 degrees outside, and that is not good for your immune system. Dressing in warm clothing is a big part of staying healthy in this cold weather. Dressing in a sweater, shorts, and flip-flops does not count for dressing appropriately in cold weather. In the fall and winter months, scarves become your best friend! Not only do they protect your neck from the cold, but they are also fashionable accessories that can add appeal to any outfit.



Stay Germ Free! Or at least try.

There are germs everywhere, but it does not help if you do’t care to reduce the numbers when you can. The age old rule is to cover your mouth when you are going to sneeze, but I like to take it a step further and cover my mouth with the inside of my elbow. That way, my hands and anything I am about to touch wo’t be directly exposed to my germs. If you sneeze on your elbow, you can just continue what you were doing until you are able to wash the area with soap and water. Using hand sanitizer is also very helpful when touching public areas.


Eat Healthy!

Making sure you eat three meals a day and get all the nutrition your body needs is vital for your immune system to stay strong through these colder months. Getting a flu shot at your local CVS or Walgreens is not a bad idea if you want your system to build resistance from the germs that will try to make you sick. If you want to be extra careful, taking supplemental vitamins or getting that extra amount of Vitamin C can give your immune system that extra boost to keep your body healthy.


Those are just a few tips I have for staying healthy during this weather change. Be careful during this time because nobody likes to be sick! Besides these great tips, MuT members discuss other cold weather must-haves for the season.

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