The Perfect Color for Your Eye

A woma’s eyes can be a very powerful thing. Just a look from a woman can make a ma’s knees weak. Today, eyes are great fashion accessories, and like any other accessory, we have to build ensembles in a way that each piece complements each other. It is important that the colors worn really make them pop. Of course, the kind of makeup you wear depends on your hair color, skin tone, and the look you are trying to convey. However, eye makeup largely depends on the color eyes you have. Here is a short guide on the general colors to wear to make your whole look even more fabulous!

Blue eyes pretty much go with anything, but pairing it with the same color blue can make your eye color seem a bit washed out. Different looks can be achieved depending on what colors are used. Brown and greens can give a more natural look, while metallic colors can give a more dramatic, edgy night-time look. Blue eyes look better with lighter eyeshade to enhance the brightness of the eye. In a thread, MuT members give more advice on how to get brighter blue eyes.



The variety of colors available to those with brown eyes is as much available to those with blue eyes.  Brown eye can look very attractive paired with deep shades. Darker shades make these eyes look more dramatic, but one color to avoid is black since it may be too strong




Green and hazel eyes have similar colors that can highlight their color. The colors that work well with green and hazel eyes are a mix of the colors from brown, green, and blue eyes. Hazel eyes are a mix of colors themselves, so do not shy away from colors already presented in your eyes. Browns, greens, and blues will accentuate the colors in these eye, and make them look even brighter.



If you ever want to switch things up, get colored contacts! Colored contacts are a great way to experiment with new looks; MuT has a thread where members discuss colored contacts . MuT members also made a thread on MakeupTalk on suggestions  on eye shadow for beginning makeup users, and another thread discussing if you should match your makeup to the color clothes you wear.

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