IMATS LA: Day 1 (International Makeup Artists Trade Show – Los Angeles)

IMATS Los Angeles is soooo crazy.  There are sooooo many people and sooo many lines.  If you are able to get into Pro night, I highly suggest getting their Pro card and getting into Pro night.  Pro night is still crazy, but it’s…more crazy like there’s 4 people in line ahead of me at every single booth, and not crazy there’s 40-100 people in line ahead of me for an 8 foot wide booth!  (This is INCLUDING the fact that there are filled to the brim classes being held, and speakers giving presentations to standing room only crowds.)


I was only able to stop by for just a teeny bit (teeny, yeah right. We had a lot of traffic going in, so we only had an hour left before we had to leave…so we stayed for two hours, and it was. not. enough. time.   *sigh* Tomorrow. One More Day!)

I had trouble getting my interviews today!! I tried to stop by Sugarpill’s booth, thinking she had the 10 people in front of her little stand…and she pointed around the corner and showed me the 40 other people waiting around the corner to even look at the products!  They have a few new palettes on display to be launched soon (at least I think, she pointed to a display case that I couldn’t reach with the rows of people), plus the limited edition color only being sold at IMATS LA!

MakeupForever is another booth that you need to hit up ASAP.  They have a huge aisle end section every year, and you have to wade through at least 4-8 rows of people before you can get close enough to pick up anything.

I tried to go back to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics to finish my conversation with David Klasfeld, founder, and only had a chance to hand him my card (with the nail polish name I was wearing because he loved the color…Zoya Adina, a duochrome lavender/sea green color) and I’ll still need to finish that conversation about his brand new line of essential oil based concealers.

One of the things I love about these tradeshows is the abilities to meet not only the brands, but sometimes very focal people behind the brands.  Dana Nye (President of Ben Nye cosmetics) is always happy to talk to us, and even took pictures with me.  David Klasfeld of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics told me the reason for his new concealer line was that he thought of his grandmother’s makeup.

I met with the Vice President of Marketing of Grande Lash MD, who said he worked in the office side, not really knowing about the product, then one day decided he’d try to use it.  He has his before and after pictures now, and attends tradeshows to show how long his lashes are.  The Vice President of Embryolisse, a high end French based skin care line, is happy to explain his products to anybody who walks up.  Amy the creator of Sugarpill cosmetics is with her likewise colorful team (she told me that she met Mr. Inglot of Inglot cosmetics at one of the tradeshows she was at).  Of course, there’s always that chance of seeing your favorite beauty blogger in attendance, too!

Always exciting, always entertaining, always MAKEUP!

Thank you to IMATS for inviting MakeupTalk to cover your show in Los Angeles, and we’ll have more updates tomorrow!  Oh! I was told that IMATS LA and IMATS London will be swapping dates next year, so IMATS LA will be at the beginning of the year, and IMATS London will be in early summer.

Annelle out, exhausted, and ready for the last day of IMATS!

Photography Credit: Sal W Hanna

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  1. Wow! I bet you must have had such a great time there…I’ve never been to an event like this, but I think it must be gorgeous! I wish I could have the chance to get there once…

  2. It seems like you are really behind in the line! But, you are still lucky to be there because I actually love joining an event like this..

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