IMATS Toronto 2011 – Day 1 Round-Up Part 3

This is the continuation of Day 1 of IMATS Toronto Round-up Part 3! Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2!

Other companies were also demonstrating on people in the crowds. Temptu Pro, Cinema Secrets/SKS Novelty Co., Eve Pearl, Eye Kandy Cosmetics, Lit Cosmetics, and a few of the Beauty Schools were also giving demonstrations.

Eve Pearl Banner
Eve Pearl Display
Lit Cosmetic’s Banner – No Glitter No Glory

Video: Jodie Perks Owner of Lit Cosmetics

Video: Deeva from Eye Kandy Cosmetics Gives a Demonstration

The most popular and hot trends that we noticed at the show were glitter and tools! There was definitely a trend with companies and their glitter and glam lines.  Eye Kandy Cosmetics, Lit Cosmetics, LA Splash, Pari Beauty, Naked Cosmetics, and NYX Cosmetics had huge lines with people wanting to buy their glitter products. Everywhere we looked there were sparkling happy faces!

Pari Beauty Banner
Pari Beauty’s Sparkling Stacks of Pigments

Video: Andrea Saik for Pari Beauty

The other big trend was definitely the tools of the trade. Royal & Langnickel, Crown Brush, Bdellium Tools and of course every company that sells these tools were extremely popular.

GrandeLash MD Look at Those Eyes!
GrandeLash MD – Yes Those Lashes are REAL!

Also spoke with the fine people from GrandeLash M.D., Alicia Grande and Harry Jefferson! Just look at their lashes! They are all natural in these pics which is just amazing! There are other lash serums out there but GrandeLash M.D. boasts to not only grow your lashes longer and thicker but also darker.  Check out these pics and this little video they were kind enough to do for us!

Video: Alicia Grande and Harry Jefferson for GrandLASH-MD

Lash serums are gaining popularity but fake lashes used to enhance natural lashes or to completely go over the top are very hot right now and a cool vendor we met was Velour Lashes. Maybel and Angela the co-founders of this lash company use 100% mink lashes. They are cruelty free and they are a Toronto based company. They have even designed a specialty lash which look fabulous!

Alchemy Model Standing by NYX Cosmetics Booth at the End of the Day

Another trend that was really BIG was theatre makeup and especially neon/glow in the dark/black light makeup! Equally as big a trend were vendors that had products to set makeup like Model in a Bottle and FACE atelier. We spoke with FACE atelier on Day 2. Here is a video from Jill Stephens of Model in a Bottle explaining her products.

Video: Jill Stephens of Model in a Bottle

We spoke with Phil Cox from KWMagic representing Wolfe Face Art & FX Canada and they had a lot of Neon and Glow n’ the Dark Make up:

Video: Phil Cox of KWMagic / Wolfe Face Art & FX

The Student Competition for Fantasy Tribal also took place on day 1. Here is a pic of the models from the Day 1 Competition:

Student Competition - Fantasy Beauty Tribal

Photo Credit: Photo By Simeon Muller – Taken With Permission From FB Makeup Artist Magazine: Student Competitors Nov. 12, 2011 – Beauty Fantasy Tribal

The winners of the Student Comptetition were:

1st: Miia Ollula, Make Up Artist Academy, Helsinki

2nd: Bettina Lee, Complections International Academy of Makeup Artistry

3rd:  Natacha Trottier, Blanche MacDonald Centre

Thanks goes to Make-up Artist Magazine for the Results of the Student Competition!

Click here for Part 4!

Photo & Video Credit: Nicole J Collins aka Slinkycats

(excluding photo credit by Makeup Artist Magazine Photo By Simeon Muller)

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