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IMATS Toronto 2011 Day 1 Round-up – Part 4

This is the continuation of Day 1 of IMATS Toronto Round-up Part 4 ! Click for Part 1, Part 2 and for Part 3!

OCC with Emily Ansel

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC), had a very busy booth and were selling out of a lot of their lip tars of course, though they were also selling a lot of nail polishes and the whole “Pretty Boy” line was extremely popular, which was not surprising when looking at the fabulous colours. They definitely have a strength all their own with lip tars not even matched by MAC’s lip mix. OCC has colours that are hard to find in other makeup lines like the Blue ‘Butch’ and the Orange “Banjee.” The line also has extremely pretty and appealing pinks even to the people who haven’t worn pink in years. The best part is that the lip tars can always be mixed with anything from each other, to eyeshadows or mixing with a blush or used on its own as a blush, although they do not recommend using around the immediate eye area because of the Peppermint Oil used in the lip tars. The sky is the limit with these lip tars and the VERY BEST part of OCC is that they are 100% Vegan!

Video: Emily Ansel from OCC Makeup

NYX Cosmetics had one of the biggest booths and the biggest lineups as they had two payment stations in the middle, dozens of workers and lineups that went right around the show floor! It was by far the busiest booth and did’t let up at all for the first day. One of their biggest sellers were their Matte Products in lipsticks, lipcremes, and nail polishes. They sold out of many of these products all on the first day.

One of the beauty schools that we spoke with was the Canadian Beauty College specializing in all types of beauty training. For those of you in Ontario Canada interested in finding a school check out the video we did with Katie here:

Video: Katie from the Canadian Beauty College Toronto


Michelle L. Shaffer VP of Embryolisse Laboratories

There were also skin care companies such as Embryolisse and Naked Advanced Skin Solutions. Both companies had product out for demonstrations and were kind enough to speak a few words for us. Check out those two videos below!

Video: Michelle Shaffer Vice President of Embryolisse

Video: Matt Machiniak from Naked Advanced Skin Solutions


Matt Machiniak for Naked advanced Skin Solutions

After all this dizzying excitement the day wound to a close as vendors began to close down for the day. It became dark and it was time to go home.

With all of this we asked ourselves, “what was to come on the second day?” We also captured this magnificent pic of Floriane David’s model for Make Up For Ever!

Make Up For Ever’s Model for Day 1 by Artist Floriane David


Absolutely Stunning! Floriane David's Model for Make Up For Ever

Floriane David’s Model – Photo Credit: Simeon Muller of Makeup Artist Magazine Nov. 12, 2011)

 Until Next Time, Keep On Rawkin!

Photo and Video Credits (excluding the Student Competition Photo by Make-up Artist Magazine): Nicole J Collins aka Slinkycats

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