Interview with Emily Eddington TV News Anchor, Makeup Lover – Part 1

MakeupTalk’s editorial team was lucky enough to catch up and sit down with Emily Eddington.  Emily is a makeup/cosmetics lover and a TV news anchor who caught our eye.  The fact that she is a makeup lover, made Emily a fit of perfection for our editorial team to sit down with.  Of course, Emily had much to talk about and we really enjoyed the discussions that we had along with conducting this exclusive interview.

Without further adieu…Emily Eddington

MakeupTalk: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Emily: My name is Emily Eddington, I’m 27 years old and happily married to my high school sweetheart, Tyler. We live in southern Illinois with our cat, Cupcake! Tyler is an attorney, and I’ve been in the news business for about four and a half years. I’ve held a number of roles, but for two and a half years now, I’ve been anchoring the morning newscast at WSIL-TV, and although the hours are crazy (getting to work by 3:30 am), I LOVE our show and my co-workers.

I’ve been fascinated with makeup since childhood… I can remember being a little kid and digging through mom’s purse at church, hoping to find some makeup to play with. My mom also used to be a cosmetologist, so that probably influenced me somewhat. From there, I went from ordering lip balms from the Avon lady- to eventually reading Seventeen magazine for beauty tips. I loved any chance I got as a Jr. High or High school student to browse the drugstore for makeup. The trial and error aspect of finding just the right product was fascinating to me then, and it continues to be fun to this day!

I’ve been somewhat of a “performer” for years… I think being a cheerleader all throughout high school and college gave me the confidence to one day pursue a job in TV news. And through YouTube, I was able to combine my broadcasting training with my love for makeup. It’s definitely my passion!

MakeupTalk: Did you always want to be a TV News Anchor, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance?
Emily: I grew up watching the news everyday before school, and at that time, news people were superstars to me. (and they still are… Hi Robin Meade, if you’re reading this!!)  My mom recently rounded up a journal I had to write in 3rd grade, and the topic was, “who would you trade places with for a day”… I chose a local news anchor. I would sometimes read the newspaper aloud as if it were a newscast (I know, a little crazy!) It was a dream, and as I child I have never really believed it could become a reality. I actually kind of let go of that dream throughout high school. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, and chose to major in communication at Monmouth College. As a result, I took some radio/TV classes, and then an internship at a local TV station. After experiencing a real newsroom atmosphere, and learning the skills of a reporter, I decided this was the line of work I wanted to get into.

A big misconception is that people don’t just graduate from college and become news anchors. Generally you work your way up to that level doing lots of other jobs at a TV station. I went from part-time associate producer, to producer, reporter, weekend anchor, and finally full-time morning anchor. Looking back, those stepping stones were really important, and I wouldn’t have the skills or confidence I have now without them.

MakeupTalk: What inspired you to become a TV News Anchor?
Emily: The whole concept of a newscast was attractive to me. I like that everyday is a fresh slate of new things to talk about, brought to you by a team of reporters, photographers, editors, and producers that spends the day putting together stories. Being a morning anchor, it’s fun to know that you’re helping people start their day with new information they need before they head out the door. The technology is exciting (WSIL just recently went HD), and it’s always changing… for example, now instead of using paper scripts, we have all of our scripts loaded into iPads in case the teleprompter goes down. It’s awesome! Plus we’re saving loads of paper.

In addition to all that, especially once I started anchoring 5 days a week, I was inspired to be different from certain news anchors I watched that seemed practically robotic. On daily basis I try to deliver information in a conversational way… just like I was telling a story to a friend. I try to not appear like I’m reading anything. Our morning newscast is a longer show (90 minutes), so can be a bit more casual, have fun, do live interviews, and show our personality. I feel very “at home” on this shift.

MakeupTalk: What is your typical week like?
Emily: Each day I wake up at 1:30 a.m. to start getting my hair and makeup done! For the most part, only the large TV markets have hair/makeup artists, so everyone has to handle it on their own here (even the guys). I get to work around 3:15 a.m. and start reading through the show that our producer has put together, usually writing some stories here and there, and then we go on the air from 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. We do brief updates throughout Good Morning America (we’re an ABC affiliate), and then by 9:00 I’m either out shooting or writing our weekly Unsung Hero segment. I do these stories on people who have done an amazing deed for someone else. I’ll go all over southern Illinois with a photographer to interview people for these stories. They tend to be uplifting and inspirational, so I enjoy that!

Once lunchtime hits, my day kicks into another gear, and I’m in Beauty Broadcast mode. I get home and either shoot a video for my YouTube channel, write a blog, edit a video, plan out a video… sometimes all of the above! This usually occupies the rest of my afternoon. I’ll see my husband for about an hour after he gets off work, and then by 6:30 or 7:00– I’m off to bed! My days feel very jam-packed. On the weekend I tend to get back to a “normal” sleep schedule, and that’s when I shoot tutorial videos.

Next up: Exclusive Interview Day 2

Beauty Broadcast: Reviews, Tutorials, & More!
Next up: Exclusive Interview Day 2

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  1. Emily was the first YT makeup Guru I subscribed to. She seems more like “me” than others, although I do follow a lot of others. But when I check for subscriber updates and she has one, I always watch hers first!

  2. SmashingBeauty - Reply

    She seems really nice. I noticed her videos via a youtube contest or youtube wrote about her. I like the fact that she is very professional but again personally in her videos. I was impressed with the fact that she does her own TV makeup

  3. I learned about Emily from a fellow MuT’er. I watch her all the time now. She’s really genuine and funny! She does awesome tutorials on both high end and drugstore brands. She just has one of those personalities you want to watch!

    • Yeah I agree she does a good mix of products and I really like her personality. it’s very positive. Her voice is very TV anchor 😀

  4. Reading that she’s a tv news anchor/reporter really does clear up why she’s so very eloquent in her YouTube videos. She’s among the few people I would call a YouTube guru and have the utmost respect for putting together well thought out and informative videos.

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