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Recently, MakeupTalk’s editorial team recently caught up with a professional celebrity makeup artist in the Los Angeles area. We really had a great time with this interview.   She’s a Toni and Guy educated hairstylist with a heap of makeup artist experience. Without further adieu…Julia Papworth.
MakeupTalk: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Julia: My name is Julia Papworth and I am a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist living in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Arizona, I moved to California about four years ago to pursue this profession. I am a Toni and Guy educated hairstylist who is a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706. I work on film, television, and print, as well as private clients.
MakeupTalk: Did you always want to be a makeup artist, or did you stumble upon your talent by chance? Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist?
Julia:    I have always been artistic, but I never thought that it could be a career for me – I had always been told that I needed to pursue higher education and become a lawyer or a business woman in some way. That being said, I have a B.S. in Psychology and was attending Law School when I realized that I could never be completely fulfilled in life without working in an artistic environment. I left school and enrolled immediately at Toni and Guy Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. Studying hair and makeup began to feed my creative soul and I knew I wanted to move to Los Angeles, which is the center of the entertainment industry, to be right in the middle of everything.

MakeupTalk: What is your typical week like?
Julia:  There is no typical week when you are a freelance artist. Sometimes I am working on a film or commercial with a crazy early call time, or I am on a photo shoot up in Malibu, or I am taking care of a private client late into the night. Nothing is ever the same and that is what I love about my job. You just always have to be packed and ready to go at a moments notice and you never know what the day is going to throw at you.

MakeupTalk: How do I keep my makeup fresh for the whole day?
Julia: Its all about the prep to make sure your face stays fresh all day. I use the Clarisonic face brush and Embryolisse skin care, and always use Smashbox photo finish primer before I apply my makeup. I adore Smashbox’s waterproof limitless liquid eyeliner pen too – it stays all day and all night.
MakeupTalk: What celebrities have you worked with in the past?
Julia: I am currently Kendra Wilkinson’s hairstylist, and have also worked with Julia Stiles, Cassidy Freeman, Caridee English, Mark Salling, Samuel L. Jackson, J-Woww, Haley Ramm, Carrie Preston, and many others.

MakeupTalk: How is a typical day like for a celebrity makeup artist?
Julia: Again, there really is no such thing as typical in Los Angeles. I basically have to be ready for anything, at any time. For instance, last week I was told on Wednesday that I had a 3 AM call time at the airport the next day to fly on a private plane to Mexico with a client for an event. Hardly a “typical” 9 to 5, and I am thankful everyday for that!

MakeupTalk: Do you wear makeup daily yourself or are there days when you do’t wear any makeup at all?
Julia: I always wear some makeup when I am working – I feel that it is important to present yourself in a professional manner and makeup and hair is a part of that. That being said, the hours that I work often dictate how much I actually get to apply.

MakeupTalk: What should a client consider before deciding to try permanent makeup? What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent makeup?
Julia: I am personally completely against permanent makeup. Approximately five years ago I had my brows done and once time passes the color oxidizes and changes slightly. I now have a much warmer tone to my brows than I had before and I hate it. I have gone through treatments to diminish the appearance of the permanent makeup, but you can never really make it disappear altogether. I would warn women that what you want today, will probably not be what you want a year from now. Not worth it in my opinion, but just make sure to do your research.

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  1. It is wonderful doing what you love. I am also a makeup artist that has something to offer. i have done some minor jobs on models,artistes and brides. All as charity and I still have the drive to do more, but am yet to get jobs.

  2. SmashingBeauty - Reply

    hahah typical celebrity makeup artist day, beyond fun and with time stressful. I agree that we as makeup artist must look good (wear some makeup) when working with clients since if we look like a mess I think they will fear that they will in the end look like a mess 😀

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