It CAN Be Done: Your One Minute Makeup Routine

When you’ve finally perfected your beauty routine, it can take quite a bit of time, especially if you like to experiment with new products. But maybe you woke up late ““ like really late ““ or maybe you’re just like me and love to push snooze to the last possible second. Time to skip makeup, right? Wrong! You can get a great look in just one small minute. Follow this beauty routine when you’re short on time to make every single second count!


0:00 ““ 0:10 Wash your face in a hurry with a cleansing wipe instead of soap and water ““ there are so many variations, make sure you research the right one for your skin type!


0:11 ““ 0:25 Short on time? Beauty balms are your new friends! These suckers really pack a punch, serving as primer, tinted moisturizer, oil control, sun-screen, and sometimes even anti-aging serum! MUT members have lots of recommendations if you’re not sure which brand to go for.  If you want a little more coverage, try using a CC cream! CC, or Color Control, Creams are the newest trend from Asia. They do everything your beauty balm can do, but add even more coverage and leave less oily residue.


0:26-0:35 Grab your favorite mascara and swipe your lashes until they’re nice and full. (I prefer Maybelline Great Lash, but if you need different opinions, w’ve got you covered.) Long, full eyelashes erase the need for any other eye product; your lids are officially done, and w’re only about half a minute in!


0:36-0:45 Brighten your cheeks with your favorite blush. Since you’re not wearing much eye makeup, feel free to get a little creative when it comes to color. This could be a good day to try out that new violet blush you’ve been holding on to. Don’t have that crazy blush color saved up? STARLOOKS blush comes in thirty-three colors, so don’t be afraid to expand your horizons!


0:46-0:55 All you need to do now is your lips. When I’m in a rush, I prefer to use a subtle lip tint with built in SPF – your lips need protection, too! (Lips are one of the most likely places to get sun poisoning!) Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment gives you color, much-need SPF, and moisturization to your perfect pout. Your lips are ready to go.


0:55 – 1:00 Spend your last five seconds touching up anything that started to smear, and you’re done! A pretty, natural look (and it only took you a minute!)


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