Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Johnson’s Baby shampoo is not only for babies. I love this shampoo because it has so many uses.
It’s mild and tear free for babies which is the reason it’s used in hospitals for newborns. I’ve used it as a shampoo and body wash for my children when they were babies but once I discovered how well it cleans my makeup brushes, I never looked back. I don’t buy special makeup brush cleaners because this works so well and is so inexpensive. I’ve also used this for hand washing delicate laundry. I love this shampoo for it’s versatile uses and I’ll always have a bottle on hand.


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  1. I used to wear glasses and I use hairspray… Johnsons Baby Shampoo was GREAT for getting hairspray build up off of my lenses… It Really works great!!!

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