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Kick Those Black Pants Up A Notch!

Okay, fashionistas”¦you’ve got the fashion staple of black pants in your wardrobe. Good job! Now, how can you work a look including makeup and accessories to make them look not so ordinary? Oh, ladies, the possibilities are virtually endless! So many things out there can take even the basic black pant and white top to a whole new level. Do’t think boring…think opportunity! Here are a few ideas:

Red Lipstick: This is seriously the “wow” factor to any basic outfit””your lipstick color. And classic red will just scream classy when you strut your stuff out in the world. I think wearing a bright lip color gives you a feeling of power, and gives you a “notice me!” kind of attitude. Trust me…that’s a good thing! Sassy’s pick: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipcolor in Top Tomato, $10.99 (CVS)


Silver Glitter Eyes: Talk about a bit of pop for your black pants dinner outfit look! Make those eyes sparkle with a swipe of glitter eye shadow on your top lid and below your bottom lashes. This is definitely a look you have to master, so practice often.. For a more dramatic look, top the glitter with a sparkle black smudged liner! Sassy’s pick: Hard Candy’s Eye Def Shadow in Silver, $6.00 (Walmart)


Scarf ““ Nothing can change up a basic outfit than a stylish scarf. So many different styles, so many different colors! A flowy scarf does’t just have to just adorn your neck or top either. A bright scarf can be used as a headband, a belt, or even a bracelet. The perfect feminine touch for a hum-drum outfit. Sassy’s pick: Simply Vera Vera Wang Corsage Floral Ruched Scarf in Orange, $18.00 (Kohl’s)


Bright Colored Bag: If your outfit wo’t do the talking, let your handbag do it! So many different styles and colors are sure to take any average outfit up a level. Dare to be colorful and do’t be afraid of different textures. It’s a way to stand out without standing WAY out! Sassy’s pick: Coach Madison Patent Leather Demi Bag in Brass/Plum, $178.00 (Macy’s)


Colorful Print Shoes: When someone is looking you over from head to toe, give them a stunning surprise when they find you’ve matched your every day black pant with a modern pump that goes way off the charts. As long as you make sure your colors coordinate, then there is no reason not to choose a colored, patterned pump! Sassy’s pick: Jones New York Wesley Print Pump, $59.95 (DSW)

Do’t let those black pants feel drab and lonely in your closet. They are’t just for funerals and dinner parties anymore. With a few jazzy accessories, you can give a basic black-pant outfit a little bit of zing! Dare to think outside of the box and mix and match those styles and colors to give yourself a wow factor that makes heads turn everywhere!

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